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Outside hot tub with heater in extremely cold weather
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Do I keep my hot tub heater on when it’s extremely cold outside?

If you are like most hot tub owners, you know that winter is prime time for luxurious hot tub soaking. But for those asking, “Do I keep my hot tub heater on when it’s extremely cold outside?”, we are here to say that the answer is yes! Follow this guide for wintertime hot tub use to promote wonderful times of relaxation and renewal.

Set Your Hot Tub Temperature

Having a hot tub in winter in Wisconsin is such a wonderful asset. To get the biggest benefit from your hot tub, make sure you’re setting your temperatures correctly. Setting your temperature between 100°F to 103°F will provide a nice, warm soak that will leave you feeling relaxed and well cared for. 

Want to save on heating costs? You can bump the temperature down a few degrees when your hot tub is not in use. This helps keep your hot tub at a comfortable temperature throughout the cold season to make sure your spa components don’t get damaged in freezing weather. About an hour before you want to use your hot tub, turn the temperature back up so it is warm and toasty for you and your guests.

A Great Cover is a Great Help

A high-quality cover can keep your hot tub temperatures at a safe and comfortable level. It also keeps your hot tub heater running at prime efficiency. A well-fitting cover traps the heat in to make sure your hot tub stays nice and warm. It also keeps things like the cold, snow and ice, and debris out of your hot tub. These types of things can damage your hot tub or cause your hot tub temperature to drop too low. Help your heater out by making sure your cover is well maintained and in place when your spa is not in use.

Brush Away Snow and Ice

To avoid damage to your hot tub, make sure you’re keeping your hot tub cover clear of snow and ice. In Wisconsin, you can find plenty of this every winter, so it’s extra important to make sure your hot tub is always clean and clear. When snow builds up, you might find it more difficult to take off your hot tub cover. The last thing you want is to run out to your hot tub eager to jump in only to have your cover too heavy to move or frozen shut. With enough snow, the weight can even cause damage to your cover or your hot tub itself. Brush off your cover with a soft bristle brush or broom. Also take care of your spa steps, so that entry to your hot tub is safe and slip free.

For more information on how to take care of your hot tub or hot tub heater this winter, give us a call today. We can walk you through the specifics of hot tub care for the colder winter months.

If you are weary of being cold during the winter and you want an option for staying warm, let us help you get set up with a hot tub of your very own. With hot tubs in Schofield, Rhinelander, and Stevens Point, there’s a location near you! We can provide you with options that fit in your budget and lifestyle. Contact us today or stop into Wisconsin’s premier pool and spa dealer to get started on living your best life.

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