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Design tip for your rec room
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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Design Tips for Your Rec Room

A rec room in the house is a big bonus for your family. It is a relaxing, fun space for everyone to enjoy. Where should your rec room be? Well, it can be in the basement, your garage, or an extra bedroom that you don’t need. Wherever your designated space is, you will want a room that is the perfect combination of fun and functional. It is sure to become a memory-making place where everyone will enjoy spending time with each other. Here are some unique design tips for your rec room. These tips are sure to leave you motivated and inspired to have the best times together.

Fun and Games

An area set up with games is sure to bring out your inner child. Board and card games are always a welcome addition to any rec room, but let’s take a look at some unique gaming elements you can add that will give you endless possibilities for quality family time. You and your kids can learn some great skills and have fun all at the same time.

Billiard Table

From the youngest to the oldest in the family, everyone will enjoy playing pool. Teaching or learning a new game like pool is not only a lot of fun, it also teaches crossover skills like good aim. There are many variations to playing pool, so you never have to worry about the game becoming stale. You can be sure that your littlest ones all the way up to dad will have a favorite variation they want to play. You’ll have many memories made around the pool table as you play one-on-one or teams. Hop in the car and come see us at Juniper Pools where we have a huge selection of the leading brands of billiard tables for you to try out. You won’t have to worry about supplies either! We have everything you need from chalk to cues.

Dart Board

Another great choice that brings out a fun competitive spirit is a game of darts. Now you may be wondering how can you play darts if you have younger children. Electronic dart boards with soft-tipped darts are your answer! Dart games can be taught to children as early as ages 7 and 8. Before playing, children should be old enough to understand that a dart must only be thrown at the dart board, never people or other objects. Head on over to Juniper Pools with the family and check out our incredible selection of Bottleson and Great Lake darts. Everyone in the family will have fun choosing a board and their own unique set of darts to play with.

Arcade Games

Remember all the good times you had as a kid playing your favorite arcade game? I bet you still remember the thrill of beating the high score and getting your name on the winners’ screen. You probably even recall the player you could never beat or the player that wished they could beat you! You can experience the thrill of victory once more and get your family in on the action with your very own full-sized arcade game. If electronics are your thing, then come over and check out all the arcade games we have to offer. Try some out, and take home your favorites!

Rec Room Relaxation

After all the fun and games are over, take time to relax. At Juniper Pools, we have Pro Six Saunas where you can bask in the thrill of victory or heal from the wounds of defeat. With Pro Six, you have a variety of sizes to accommodate your family and the room space available. 

Now that the whole family is excited and motivated to get started on the rec room of the century, don’t wait! Come see all the exciting options we have to offer at Juniper Pools. Besides what we’ve already mentioned, we also have ping pong tables, shuffleboard, and foosball tables. With Juniper, there are endless ways to design the perfect rec room. 

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