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Closing Your Above-Ground Pool in Wisconsin

Just because the whole family is back to their regular routine of work or school and your pool’s sitting unused, that doesn’t mean it’s time to officially close your above-ground pool for the season. In fact, if you close it too early, you’ll actually make your job harder when it’s time to open your pool next season. Here’s what you need to know about closing your above-ground pool in Wisconsin. 

Don’t close your pool when the water is too warm.

Algae love warm water. So, even if your pool is perfectly clean (you’ve brushed the sides and bottom, filtered, removed every speck of debris — we’re talking spotless), the warmth provides the perfect condition for algae to have a growth spurt. Because algae, like life, (at least according to the science we learned watching Jurassic Park), finds a way. 


If you clean, sanitize, and cover your pool for winter but the ambient air temperature is still warm, the water is drastically warmer up under the cover and algae will grow. Come pool season next year, you’ll find a pool full of green, yucky water. Luckily that problem is easy to head off. 

Wait until the temperature is consistently lower than 65°F. 

It’d be nice if we could give you a date, but this is Wisconsin, so that’d be silly. Instead, just keep an eye on the weather. Once the temperature is regularly cooler than 65 degrees, you’re good to go. Clean, treat your water, and close your pool with confidence. The cool temps won’t promote algae to grow. So, when you open your pool next year, the water should still be basically clear and require minimal effort to get your pool ready for a new season. 

Do you have any other questions about closing your above-ground pool? Need water chemicals or cleaning supplies? We’re here to help!


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