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You may need to clear cloudy water in an above ground pool after removing the cover.
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How to Clear Cloudy Water in an Above Ground Pool

Now that it’s getting warmer, and summer is right around the corner, it’s almost time to uncover our pools. As you uncover your above ground pool this year, you may see that the water has gotten cloudy. If you’re wondering how to clear cloudy water in an above ground pool, you’ve come to the right place.

There are multiple reasons your pool might have cloudy water. To resolve these issues, you’ll need to pay special attention to your pool filter as well as have a host of pool chemicals on hand.

If you need to restock, The Pool People have a variety of pool chemicals that will help you clear up your cloudy water. After learning how to clear cloudy water in an above ground pool, visit one of our locations to discuss what pool chemicals you might need with our knowledgeable pool experts.

Clear Cloudy Water in an Above Ground Pool: Check Your Filter

As mentioned above, there are several steps necessary to clear cloudy water in an above ground pool. First, you need to check your filter. A dirty filter can’t catch contaminants from your pool water. Other issues include a clog or buildup in the filter, not running your filter long enough, and potentially needing to replace the entire filter if it is very old.

You can easily clean your filter if it is dirty or has a clog by backwashing your system. Add a back wash rinse to ensure that you’ve cleaned it thoroughly. To make sure your filter is running long enough, you should run your filter system for at least 8 to 12 hours a day. And if you need a completely new filter, talk through your replacement and repair options with The Pool People.

After making sure everything is good with the filter, you should move on to testing the chemical levels of the pool water.

Clear Cloudy Water in an Above Ground Pool: Check Your Chemicals

Use a pool test kit to look at the pool’s chlorine levels. If the chlorine levels are low, that could be one reason for the cloudy water. You’ll have to add chlorine or your alternative sanitizer to the water to get it up to the correct amount, which is between 1 and 3 parts per million.

You can also use the test kit to test the water’s pH levels. Ideally, your pool’s pH levels should be somewhere between 7 and 8. Anything below that can mean your water is too acidic. Anything above 8 means the water is too alkaline and may also have too high levels of calcium hardness.

Being too acidic or too alkaline can lead to cloudy pool water and possibly even cause buildup on your pool surfaces. There are pH-adjusting chemicals you can use to get the right pH levels to clear cloudy water in an above ground pool.

Clear Cloudy Water in an Above Ground Pool: Check for Algae

Once you’ve tested all the chemical levels in your pool, the other thing to check for is algae. Algae can often form in the springtime while your pool is still covered. Even algae in the early stages of growth can create cloudy pool water. So, how can you prevent or get rid of algae to clear cloudy water in an above ground pool?

Well, if you have no visible algae growth, you can use an algaecide to prevent algae from growing. However, if the algae already exist, you’ll need to do an in-depth clean of your pool and pool water, add algaecide, then shock your pool to boost the sanitizer.

Whatever is causing your cloudy water, we’re always ready to serve you at The Pool People. If you find yourself needing to clear up any water issue in your above ground pool this season, stop by or give us a call at 1.800.472.1926. We can help find you the right chemicals and tools needed to ensure your pool stays clean all season long.

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