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Choosing a Utility Building That Looks Great in Your Backyard

With all the stylish storage shed options, there’s no reason to settle for a lackluster utility building. This is even more true for Old Hickory® Buildings, which are customizable and come in so many designs. But before you pick your new building, you do want to put some thought into its aesthetics and how it will look in your backyard. Here’s what to keep in mind. 

What styles do you like?

Do you like a backyard shed with a rustic barn look? This is a classic Old Hickory Buildings design! What’s more, you can customize the exterior to match your vision: Change the color to green, gray, or blue; or switch out the plywood siding for Dutch Lap Siding — just to name a few!

Choosing a Utility Building That Looks Great in Your Backyard

Or maybe you’re drawn to the mini-house aesthetic of a Utility Dormer Old Hickory Building. Just like with other Old Hickory Buildings, you can use the dormer shed for any purpose (storage, garden shed, workshop, you name it), but its style is that of a miniature traditional home.

Choosing a Utility Building That Looks Great in Your Backyard

And of course, these are just two of the many styles you can choose from. To see more buildings, stop by our Rhinelander or Schofield store.  


Do you want your building to stand out or blend in? 

Don’t think you have to have a ranch-style home to choose a Lofted Barn Old Hickory Building. Or that a dormer building only looks good with a traditional or Cape Cod-style home. The fact is, whichever Old Hickory Building you choose is sure to look great in your backyard. 

That said, what’s your preference? Do you like the cohesive look of a gray dormer building matching a gray traditional home? Or, do you admire the miniature barn look when you see that kind of shed in someone else’s yard, regardless of what their home looks like? If so, an Old Hickory Barn sounds like your perfect fit! 

To get a better idea of the array of Old Hickory Buildings you have to choose from, be sure to stop by our Rhinelander or Schofield store to see our in-stock selection. But keep in mind, you’re not limited by what we have in stock; we can custom order to suit your needs. If you’re ready for a utility building that looks great in your yard, let us help you pick your ideal Old Hickory Building. 

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