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Chlorine Alternatives to Get You Through the Chlorine Shortage

Have you heard the whispers and rumors about a chlorine shortage hitting the pool and spa industry this summer? If you are worried about finding the chemicals you need to keep your pool sparkling clean for swim season, you are not alone. But fear not! Juniper has everything you need to maintain your Appleton above ground pool this summer. Here are some chlorine alternatives to get you through the chlorine shortage.

What Caused the Chlorine Shortage?

How did we get ourselves into a chlorine shortage? As we can all surely attest, Americans spent more time at home in the last year than any year in recent memory. Being at home gave many people the inspiration to finally satisfy their dreams of having a private pool oasis. The pool industry worked to accommodate this unprecedented demand for pools and pool chemicals.

Then, when Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana in August 2020, one of the victims of its damage was one of the nation’s largest chlorine manufacturers. With a major chlorine merchant out of operation, chlorine supply across the country took a major hit. Combining this diminished chlorine supply with the increased demand for pools and the products that maintain them created the impending chlorine shortage as it currently stands.  

Can A Saltwater System Maintain My Pool Without Chlorine? 

A saltwater pool uses salt to generate chlorine through electrolysis. Your chlorine pool can easily be converted to a salt pool with the addition of an electronic chlorine generator. The salt system generates its own chlorine and eliminates the need to purchase chlorine directly. You know what that means? Your pool is crisp and clean with the chlorine shortage far from your mind. 

BAQUACIL is a Perfect Chlorine Alternative in High Supply

Juniper customers have nothing to worry about as others across the country face a chlorine shortage. We carry BAQUACIL®, which is the hydrogen peroxide alternative to chlorine. BAQUACIL provides a better overall experience than chlorine. Also, this chlorine alternative is more stable than chlorine and abundantly available. 

BAQUACIL has been trusted by pool professionals for 40 years. In fact, most of the pools set up and maintained by Juniper are kept pristine with BAQUACIL. We always have an abundant supply of BAQUACIL for our customers, and this summer will be no different. That means, when you make the switch to BAQUACIL, you have no need to worry about a chlorine shortage EVER.

In addition to remaining readily available, BAQUACIL will also increase the quality of your pool water compared to harsh chlorine. BAQUACIL describes the outcome to making the switch: “Clear, beautiful water that’s gentle on eyes, hair and skin, not to mention pool surfaces and swimsuits… Better still, it’s more stable than chlorine, so it won’t burn off in the summer heat and sun.”

Juniper is Your Appleton Source for Pool and Spa Chemicals

We hope these chlorine alternatives put your chlorine-shortage anxiety at ease. Call or visit us to see how simple and fast the switch from a chlorine pool to a hydrogen peroxide pool with BAQUACIL can be with Juniper. You’ll be on your way to a carefree summer by the pool in no time!

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