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Enjoy Summer With Your Outdoor Kitchen
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Celebrate Your Independence From a Hot, Messy Kitchen

Feel like picking up pizza so you don’t have to work in a hot kitchen and then fuss with clean-up? Skip takeout and move dinner outside, instead! 

Don’t Heat Up the Kitchen

Whether you’re sautéing on the stovetop or baking dinner in the oven, cooking inside on a warm summer evening is going to uncomfortably heat up your house. Not only will you be hot, you’re also going to feel an extra squeeze on your wallet when your utility bill comes! First, you’re going to heat up the kitchen cooking. Then, the air conditioning is going to kick on and work to cool it back down. That process, repeated day after day, is a big reason your electric bill goes up in the summertime. That’s not even to mention, who wants to do the dishes and clean up after dinner in their hot, messy kitchen?!

Fire Up the BBQ Instead

Keep your kitchen cool and clean by moving dinner out to the grill. While the enticing aroma of smoking meat and veggies makes your mouth water, you can kick back in a lounge chair or in your pool or hot tub and relax. To make the best dinner on the grill, follow these tips. 

  • Keep it all outside. Throw some foil-wrapped potatoes or veggie skewers on the grill while the main course is cooking. Are you in the mood for a side dish that must be cooked in a pot or pan? Grab an oven-safe or cast iron pot or pan and cook it right on the grill. Not only will it keep your kitchen clean and cool, you’ll love the smoky flavor the grill imparts to your side dish, too. In the mood for something sweet? Grilled fruit, like peaches, pineapple, and watermelon are a delicious summertime treat.
  • Use a meat thermometer. Chefs may rely on the finger test to determine if their steaks are medium-rare or well-done, but why chance it with a good cut of steak? Meat thermometers are inexpensive and quick to use.
  • Impart extra flavor with wood chips. Whether you’re using a gas, charcoal, ceramic, or pellet grill, using wood chips to take your recipes to the next level is simple. Prepare a small foil packet filled with wood chips, perforate it with small holes, and then place on your grill. Experiment with different woods to find your favorites. Fruit tree wood chips are great for chicken and pork. Hickory and pecan go great with pork and beef. And mesquite gives a bold, Southern-BBQ flavor to beef, pork, and game.

When it feels too hot to heat up the kitchen, just DON’T! Follow these tips for a delicious, healthy dinner on the grill while your kitchen stays cool and clean. Is your old grill not up to cooking the recipes you’d like to craft this summer? Come check out our awesome selection of Kamado Joe® and Memphis Grills® — the perfect backyard grills for YOUR summertime cooking! So, keep that kitchen sparkling! We’ve got the ideal grill that every grill master will love.

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