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Get Ahead of the Fall Chill with a New Hot Tub!

We know you’ve been thinking about a new hot tub — and rightly so. The transition between the extremes of a Wisconsin summer and winter is the perfect time to begin a hot tub lifestyle. Not only will you experience the health benefits that hot tubbing provides, you’ll enjoy the seasons like never before. Here […]

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Getting the Best Health Benefits from a Sauna

Getting the best health benefits from a sauna should be a top consideration for a potential purchaser. The very word “sauna” evokes a warm, soothing sense of relaxation. Even if you have never used a sauna before, you may be longing to experience the incredible benefits of in-home sauna ownership. With remarkable sauna choices from […]

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How to Choose a Billiard Table

A pool table is an investment that your family will cherish for many years to come. It’s a natural gathering place, a source of endless fun, and an elegant feature for any home. As with any investment, it is wise to do your research before shopping, so you can go into the store knowing what […]

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4 Things to Consider When Shopping for an Above-Ground Pool

A gorgeous pool outside your back door is no longer a lofty dream that’s out of reach. Above-ground pools provide a way for families to explore the endless fun of a pool with complete convenience and affordability. While there are a lot of decisions and planning involved, The Pool People are here to help guide […]

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How to Choose Timeless Patio Furnishings

Seasons change and the beat of time never stops. There are seasonal fashions that come and go as ideas about beauty ebb and flow. Then there are timeless styles that prevail against every blowing wind of fashion. Patio furnishings are a long-term investment. As such, you want to choose outdoor furniture options that ten years […]

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5 Fun Games You’ve Probably Never Tried on a Pool Table

In the world of billiards, there’s so much more fun to be had than your standard billiards game. Perhaps you are familiar with 8-ball, or you may have played 9-ball, too — the game in which there are just nine balls and the object is to sink them in ascending order. Yet, the world of […]

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5 Ways a Backyard Pool Improves Your Family Life

When you think of a backyard pool, do you only think of cannonballs and upkeep? The joys of owning your own swimming pool can actually bring more benefits to your life than you can imagine! Today, see five different ways a Doughboy®, Radiant™, or Cornelius® pool can help bring your family together. With a great […]

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What’s HOT in Backyard Design for Summer 2019?

In 2019, backyards around the country are becoming outdoor oases. No longer is a backyard just a slab of concrete with a wooden picnic table and a rusty old propane grill sitting off to the side. Today’s backyards are steadily becoming family hot zones for hanging out, enjoying time together, and entertaining. The Pool People […]

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Plunge Into Summer With a New Above-Ground Pool!

1… 2… 3… CANNONBALL!!! Take the plunge into an above-ground pool this year and surprise your family with the best summer ever. With a deluxe above-ground pool, you’ll get durability you can count on, a price that won’t break the bank, and installation so easy you’ll be perfecting your backstroke in no time. It’s a […]

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What Makes Some Hot Tubs More Expensive Than Others?

As you shop around for spas you may notice that there is a vast difference in the price of different hot tubs? But why? What makes some hot tubs more expensive than others? If you’re asking these questions, you aren’t alone. “Hot tub” is a broad category like “cars”. You can get a used car […]

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