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Get Ahead of the Fall Chill with a New Hot Tub!

We know you’ve been thinking about a new hot tub — and rightly so. The transition between the extremes of a Wisconsin summer and winter is the perfect time to begin a hot tub lifestyle. Not only will you experience the health benefits that hot tubbing provides, you’ll enjoy the seasons like never before. Here […]

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What’s the Process for Buying a Hot Tub?

Researching your new hot tub purchase shouldn’t be confusing. While it does take some planning, research, and hands-on experience during the process, doing so will ensure you get the ideal hot tub to meet all your needs. Our customer care members at The Pool People want to make your buying process as seamless as possible. […]

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What Makes Some Hot Tubs More Expensive Than Others?

As you shop around for spas you may notice that there is a vast difference in the price of different hot tubs? But why? What makes some hot tubs more expensive than others? If you’re asking these questions, you aren’t alone. “Hot tub” is a broad category like “cars”. You can get a used car […]

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