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Caring for an above-ground pool
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Your Ultimate Guide to Caring for an Above-Ground Pool in Wisconsin

You may be considering taking the plunge into purchasing an above-ground swimming pool. Maybe you already have! Having a pool that your family can enjoy all summer long is going to be an amazing experience. Becoming an expert at caring for your pool doesn’t have to be a daunting task either. Our experts at Juniper have put together all the tips you need to assist you in caring for an above-ground pool in Wisconsin.

Caring for an above-ground swimming pool isn’t hard to learn.

The biggest thing we can tell you is that it isn’t quite as hard to learn all that you need to know as you may think. Don’t let the amount of information you find overwhelm you. Caring for an above-ground pool can actually be easier than caring for an inground pool. They are smaller, hold less water, and their equipment is typically less complex. This all works in your favor. The most important thing to begin with is a test strip or liquid test kit for your water. This will let you know exactly what chemicals may be out of balance. From there, you need a sanitizer, something to balance pH, or options for managing other chemicals in your pool like alkalinity, calcium hardness and more. All of these are easily accessible. The test strips are your best friend when it comes to caring for your pool. You can also call our local experts at Juniper if you feel like you get in over your head.

The best time to buy your pool is…

The best time to buy your above-ground pool (if you haven’t already) is RIGHT NOW! Pool buying happens during the spring and summer when people want to use their pools the most. This means you are most likely to find the best selection now. You can find deals at other times of the year as well, though. At Juniper, we are always looking to get people in a high-quality pool that will meet their budget and needs. Our specials page will tell you exactly what types of sales we may have going on. We also offer financing options so that you can make the pool you need fit in your budget sooner rather than later. Reach out with any questions you may have. Our experts are happy to help you in your search for what will best serve your family.

Is there an all-in-one kit I can buy for the spring?

At Juniper, we want to make this process even simpler for our customers by offering all the things you will need to open your pool for use, be it now or next year. The most common type of cleaning system used is chlorine. To get your chlorine pool up and running, you will need shock, clarifier, algaecide, stabilizer, and water testing supplies. If you have a pool that uses a different type of sanitizing system, we can help with those chemicals and are happy to chat with you about them. Once you get these water care items, you can clean your pool with a vacuum, brush, and the filtration system. Add your water care chemicals to balance your water properly. Then you can jump in. If even this simple list seems daunting, you can have us come do it for you! No need to worry about any of the opening issues. We will come out and take care of things for you so that all you need to do is figure out who to invite to your pool party. 

Can I heat an above-ground pool?

You absolutely can heat an above-ground pool. This will extend the length of your swim season. In Wisconsin, we already have a shorter season to begin with. Extending it to get the most use out of your pool is key. You can do this with things like a solar cover or a heater. Together, these items can really lengthen your pool season and save you money on operating costs. The solar cover will help to maintain chemical levels as well as heat your pool. At Juniper, we also offer a line of Radiant Pools. These pools are unique in that they have insulated sides which naturally keep the water warmer. This insulation can lengthen your pool season by up to two months on its own. Adding in a heater with this will keep you swimming on into fall and get you going sooner in spring. Caring for an above-ground pool in this way is beyond simple.

How do I get my pool ready for winter in Wisconsin?

The biggest tip we have for you here is don’t close your pool too early. If the air is still warmer than 65 degrees even on a few days, it is too soon. Algae love warm water, and you would essentially be making a greenhouse for them to grow in all winter long. If you are using our heating tips from before, then hopefully you are still getting good use out of your pool anyway. Once the temperature is cold enough, it is time to get your pool ready for winter. Clean everything really well. Leave your water balanced and place a cover over your pool for the winter. This will leave you in the best place you can be when you are ready to open things up again in the spring. If you have concerns about doing this for yourself, call Juniper to come and close your pool for you. 

Is there a kit to help me in caring for an above-ground pool during the winter?

Getting your pool ready for winter isn’t much different than opening it for the spring. You are of course preparing the water to sit and be cold instead of in use during warm weather. You will still need shock, test strips, and things to balance pH levels, alkalinity, calcium hardness and more. In addition to these normal things though, you may also want to add in some things labeled for winter to help protect your pool against the hard Wisconsin winter. Once you add your chemicals and everything is cleaned, you will want to remove the pump and skimmer parts and place them in storage. Cover the pool completely. Adding a pool pillow can also help to protect your pool during the extreme cold. It isn’t necessary, but it is helpful.

Owning and caring for an above-ground pool does not have to be overwhelming. There are numerous resources at your fingertips nowadays, and most people successfully do this on their own. We are happy to offer you any expert advice you need at Juniper. Don’t let any hesitation of caring for an above-ground pool stand in the way of family fun for years to come. Juniper is always here to help you have the most successful pool ownership experience in Wisconsin!

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