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Can I Use My Swim Spa Year-Round in Wisconsin?

There are so many great benefits to owning a swim spa. This includes having the flexibility of a full-sized pool along with the relaxation of a hot tub. It’s also an incredible way to sneak in some aquatic fitness. But as we know, living in Wisconsin really puts a damper on pool use as soon as temperatures take a dip come fall. Before some people decide to purchase a TidalFit® swim spa, one of the main questions they ask is “can I use my swim spa year-round in Wisconsin?”

The answer is… YES! Once you own a swim spa, there is no reason why you can’t keep scheduling those swims and workouts all year long. A TidalFit swim spa is a great fitness and recreation option for your entire family. The warmth of the water will make you forget you’re in the midst of the winter season in Wisconsin! There are many benefits to working out all year round — especially in the water. Here are a few to consider when deciding if a swim spa is right for you… even when you live in Wisconsin.

Minimal Preparation

With your stunning swim spa conveniently located in your backyard, there isn’t much to do to prepare for your workout. Walking or running outdoors in winter in Wisconsin typically requires preparation. You need a lot of extra layers when you head outside for a good workout. However, you won’t need to worry about this with a swim spa. There’s no hats, boots, or gloves required. This convenience makes it easy for every family member to access the swim spa whenever the mood strikes.

Increased Safety

Walking or running outdoors in winter in Wisconsin can definitely come with some safety concerns. Icy or snowy sidewalks can become a slipping hazard. Your swim spa becomes a safe haven for your fitness goals, including walking and running. Just turn on the current for incredible strength training and resistance. Not only that, but unlike other workouts that might be tough on the joints, working out in your swim spa is low impact, making it much easier on your body.

Safety issues also apply if you have a gym membership. You still need to travel to the gym and back. It’s so easy to make excuses not to go when Wisconsin winter weather is being less than cooperative. With a swim spa, you only need to walk to your backyard to get your workout in. You don’t need to bundle up, get in your car, and drive to meet your fitness goals.

Start Enjoying Your Swim Spa

Enjoy the refreshment of outdoor recreation no matter what time of year it is. Your body and mind will thank you. A TidalFit swim spa from Juniper can be the transformational amenity that you need for your home. Stop in and talk with one of our expert staff, or send us a message to learn more about how a swim spa can help you achieve your fitness goals. Let Juniper help you provide hours of recreation and relaxation for your family – even when the temperatures dip in Wisconsin. 

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