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Can I Use Essential Oils in my Hot Tub?
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Can I Use Essential Oils In My Hot Tub?

Essential oils have been proven to reduce stress, aid in sleep, and help you feel energized. By placing a few drops inside a device called a diffuser, you can enjoy the delightful scents from a variety of essential oils. It’s not surprising that essential oil users who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub would wonder if they can also use essential oils directly in their hot tub water. 

What You Need to Know About Essential Oils in a Hot Tub

While it’s true that you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in a hot tub, there is a right and wrong way to do so. Essential oils are not formulated to be used in a hot tub. Hot tubs by design are not supposed to circulate and filter thick substances like oils. Essential oils can potentially damage spa components and negatively impact the hot tub’s filtration system.

Experienced hot tub owners know the natural oils from our skin will clog a hot tub’s filtration system. That’s why it’s important to shower off prior to entering a hot tub so that those filtration-clogging oils are washed away before they have time to build up in your filter. Essential oils act in the same way as the oil from our skin, except essential oils are much more potent.

Does this mean I can’t use anything in my hot tub?

Saving your essential oils for your diffuser doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while in the hot tub. When searching for products, make sure they are specifically made for hot tub use. This means the ingredients and formulations of these products can be handled easier by the filtration system. You also need to make sure you are buying any products for your hot tub from a trusted source. There are many types of products that have been developed for hot tub use. Scented liquids, salts, crystals, and bath bomb style products are now available on the market for hot tub use.

Before putting anything in your hot tub, always consider the possible risks to your spa. The stress relief you were seeking may be short-lived when having to pull out your wallet and pay for costly repairs and replacement parts. If a product isn’t specifically designed for hot tub use, don’t take the risk of adding it to your water.

How to be Confident in Choosing Products for Your Hot Tub

When in doubt about products to use or wondering about water care choices, come to see us at Juniper. We offer a wide range of chemical and cleaning products that will keep your hot tub running smooth and trouble-free. New to hot tub ownership? Our experts are ready to answer the many questions you may have about chemicals and products for your hot tub. Come visit one of our four convenient locations today. You will discover that we offer many products for your hot tub.  Want to join the many satisfied hot tub owners out there? We will help you with that, too. Come see all the beautiful hot tubs we have to offer. Whether an experienced owner, new to hot tub ownership, or in the market to buy your first tub, we will set you up for success!

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