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Can I Put an Above Ground Pool in the Ground?

If you’re wanting to put an above ground pool in the ground, you’ll be happy to know that you can do this. It’s actually a more cost-effective alternative to most inground pool options. But there are some considerations to take into account first, especially if you’re doing this as a cost-savings measure.

Putting an Above Ground Pool in the Ground

Probably the most obvious similarity between installing an above ground pool in the ground and an actual inground pool is that both require you to dig a hole. Or, more precisely, excavate one.

Excavation costs can be under $1,000 or could run you as much as $10,000. It’s very dependent on the soil and location. Can you easily get an excavator in your yard?

Because of the added excavation cost, many people choose to do a semi-inground pool. This option is cheaper and often more suitable for above ground pools.

Don’t Forget About Safety

If you have young children, they’re usually safer around above ground pools, because these types of pools aren’t as easily accessible, and no one is accidentally falling in from surface level. So, if you’re putting an above ground pool in the ground, you also have to pay for some of those extra safety features.

To make sure the pool is safe and not easily accessible to small children, you’ll want to put in some sort of fence or barrier around the pool. If you opt for the completely inground pool option, then putting up a safety fence is probably also required by your city.

Installing a fence can also run you a few thousand dollars, probably around $6,000 at most if you’re including a gate with the estimate. And make sure your gate has a child-proof lock for additional safety.

Durability and Depth

Burying an above ground pool may save you money as opposed to paying for an inground option, but usually you get less customization and fewer options. You’re not likely to find an above ground pool that is more than 5 feet deep, especially when you’re planning to put that above ground pool in the ground.

Durability comes in because not all above ground pools are capable of being buried. Some aren’t meant to be put in the ground and, if you ever drain them, the walls could collapse or break. So, pay extra attention to whatever above ground pool you choose for this project and make sure it’s one that can be buried.

If you need any help finding an above ground pool that you can put inground, come visit us at The Pool People. We don’t install pools, but we do have a team of experts on hand that can answer all your pool-related questions. Our dedicated staff can work with you to choose an above ground pool option that can be buried, if that is your preference.

As Wisconsin’s premier pool and spa dealer, you’ll be sure to find a model you like. We have pool options from Doughboy, Cornelius®, and Radiant Pools. Stop on in and find your ideal above ground pool to put in the ground.

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