A Covana cover offers an incredible automated hot tub gazebo.
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Can I Put a Hot Tub in a Gazebo?

Did you know that you can put a hot tub in a gazebo? Doing so is incredibly popular. With a private, shady space to call your own, you’ll adore everything there is about having a hot tub gazebo. Here’s how you can get one for yourself.

Automatic Gazebos are Found at The Pool People

When you bought your hot tub, you undoubtedly learned there were many more options available than you may have initially thought. The same is true of gazebos! Although there are loads of different options — from DIY builds to purchased kits — one option stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

Covana automated covers are a fantastic combination of both a gazebo AND a hot tub cover! With just a turn of a key, your incredible hot tub cover converts into a private gazebo. Covana offers two automatic hot tub gazebo options: the Oasis and the Evolution. These two automated, state-of-the-art, easy-to-use gazebos come in an array of sizes and features, allowing you to raise for hot tub use or lower for coverage with the turn of a key. There’s never any strain from lifting a hot tub cover, making your soak experience almost effortless. You’ll also find enhanced insulation, LED lighting options, a water-tight seal and more.

Incredible Benefits of Having an Automated Gazebo Around Your Hot Tub

If you are thinking about adding a gazebo to your hot tub this year, it can be a great choice for a lot of reasons. Perhaps the greatest advantage is privacy from neighbors. Nosy neighbors or not, hot tubs naturally tend to draw attention. It’s important that backyard comfort allows you a private oasis for all your soaking pleasure. That’s why Covana has designed convenient drop screens that raise and lower at your discretion.

Watch here to see just how amazingly private a beautiful Covana cover can be.

In addition to eyes, an automated gazebo can help keep off the sun, rain, and wind. And this protection from the elements increases the number of days per year you can comfortably enjoy your hot tub. It can also be a stunning backyard addition — adding a beautiful attraction to your outdoor space. You’ll love every second of comfort and security that your choice of Covana cover can bring.

Other Gazebo Options

Interested in your own DIY option? The sky’s the limit on the gazebos that you can design.

Open. One option is to have your gazebo open on all sides. A fully open gazebo will largely protect your hot tub from the sun and elements. However, it provides the least amount of privacy and no storage options.

Partially enclosed. Another option is to have your gazebo enclosed on the sides but open on the front and back. Depending on the materials and design, a partially enclosed gazebo could provide storage options, too. 

Three sides. There is the option to enclose the back and both sides of your new gazebo, leaving it open only on the front. Again, the materials dictate the additional cost of this option. 

Screened. Yet another option for enclosing your new gazebo is screening. The cost of screening a gazebo can be considerably less than other materials used for enclosing a gazebo. This option adds some privacy, provides some shade, and also keeps bugs at bay. And depending on the size of the gazebo, storage may be possible.

Whichever option you choose, The Pool People staff is here with all of the hot tub and Covana cover options you need for the ultimate spa ownership experience. Stop in one of our convenient locations to see for yourself how amazing a hot tub gazebo from Covana can be!

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