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Can I Install My Own Above-Ground Pool?

You’re thinking of doing your own above-ground pool installation at your home. Wonderful! It’s a good thing you’ve started the hunt for the perfect pool early this year. A lot of potential pool buyers struggle with the decision between above-ground and inground pools, but above-ground swimming pools are an incredible, affordable amenity for your backyard. They come in a range of styles and sizes, so you can easily find something that works well for you and your family. But a lot of people wonder, is above-ground pool installation a do-it-yourself task? In fact, it is!

What You Need for Above-Ground Pool Installation

Pool dealers don’t always offer installation packages for pools, especially above-ground ones. But installing an above-ground pool doesn’t always require a professional. You can opt for help from a professional pool installer if you want, but it’s not necessary.

Want to try your hand at a DIY pool installation? Installing these types of pools doesn’t require any special equipment. You can usually get by with just normal household tools found in your toolbox in the garage. But it’s not exactly a quick process. You may want to entice some family members or friends to help you with a weekend above-ground-pool installation party. Pizza and drinks are always a good go-to as a thank you to your helpers. Plus, you’ll want to invite them over for a swim after your project is complete.

One important thing necessary to install an above-ground pool is a level area somewhere in your backyard. This needs to be cleared of grass and rocks. If your surface isn’t level and cleared, it’s possible the weight of the water will damage the pool. This is one area where you can’t skimp on installation. If the area is slightly off level, you might be able to fix that yourself with either a little excavating or by adding some sand to make the surface area flat. If there’s no area in your backyard that can be easily leveled, you’ll need to bring in a professional to help.

The Benefits of Installing Your Own Above-Ground Pool

There are multiple benefits to choosing an above-ground pool, and if you have a level area that’s good to go in your backyard that’s even better. Already having a level area means you’ll have a much faster and easier installation with an above-ground pool compared to an inground pool.

After the ground is level and completely prepped, you’ll want to follow the manufacturer instructions for installation. This includes installing the base rail, pool walls, vertical uprights, liner and top rails. Although the job isn’t a one-man or one-woman show, it only takes a few helping hands to get the job done right. When everything is installed, you’ll be ready to fill your pool with water. Then balance the chemicals, and your family will be ready to jump in for a swim season of fun! You will quickly find that there are endless benefits with a pool that’s sure to please.

In general, above-ground pools also take up less space and are possible to take with you if you ever decide to move. Another great benefit is the cost savings, as above-ground pools are more affordable compared to inground ones. But you don’t have to sacrifice style or size just because you’re choosing an above-ground pool, as there are multiple above-ground pool options.

Find Your Own Above-Ground Pool Today

If you’re ready to take the leap and get an above-ground pool that will last for years to come, check out your incredible pool options at The Pool People. As Wisconsin’s premier pool and spa dealer, we have a wide selection of above-ground pools you can choose from. If you’d like to see our collection in person, visit our Schofield location and check out our pool park. Our pool experts would be happy to help you find an above-ground pool for your home!

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