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Can I Have an Above Ground Pool Heater and Have a Longer Swim Season in Wisconsin?

At Juniper, we all know that the summer swimming season in Wisconsin can come and go too quickly some years. Did you know that you can add a pool heater to heat your above ground pool to make it last longer? We have a few different methods to keep you swimming well into fall here in Wisconsin. 

Get a jump start on warmer water with a solar cover to heat your above ground pool.

The first (and probably easiest) thing you can do to keep your pool warm enough to swim in longer is to buy a solar cover. These are pretty straightforward items. It is like any other cover for your pool, but it will use the sun to heat your pool a few degrees. While this will not drastically change the water temperature, it does matter when things begin to cool off some. It can also help retain your heat from a pool heater. Those few degrees difference could mean you get an extra month swimming in your pool! This will also be the most affordable way to keep your pool warmer longer.

Get a solar powered heater for your above ground pool.

These will be more expensive than just the cover for your pool but will also add a little more warmth. While these are more of an investment up front, the long-term operating costs are non-existent because it is using solar power! The water runs from your pool through tubes in the solar panel to heat the water and then is pumped back into the pool. This makes them a great option for many people. They add a little more warmth than just a cover, without any added long-term costs.

Get an electric pool heater.

An electric heater will heat your water a little more than a solar powered heater will. They are around the same cost initially as well. An electric heater will add to your electricity bill depending on how you use them. They also pump water from the pool through the heating system to heat the water. Utilizing this option could keep you enjoying your pool well into fall though, so depending on your circumstances it could be well worth the trade-off of a bit of additional expense. 

Get a gas pool heater.

A gas heater is the most powerful option available to you, as well as the most expensive option up front. Since these heaters use actual fire to help heat the water, they can heat it quite a bit more than the other options. They are also the quickest way to heat your water. While these may have more in upfront costs, the difference they can make is huge. They will buy you quite a few extra swimming weeks earlier into spring as well as a few weeks later into the fall. 

There are so many options to choose from to keep your pool running for as long as you like. If you have questions about keeping your specific pool warmer with a pool heater, reach out to our experts at Juniper, and let them guide you in the right direction. We are ready and able to help you get the most fun out of your pool all year long!

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