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Can I Get an Above Ground Pool Heater?

If you have an above ground pool, you will likely want to prolong the swimming season just like any other pool owner. We all know inground pools can be heated to accomplish this, but can you do the same with your above ground pool? Yes! You certainly can get an above ground pool heater, and there are several options for you to choose from. Before going out and purchasing a heater, though, you will want to do a little research into the available options to see which one might fit your needs best. (If you want to skip the hassle, you can always call your local experts at Juniper and have us walk you through the process instead!) 

Gas Pool Heater

Gas pool heaters are a common type of above ground pool heater, but also the most expensive upfront. They are the most popular, though, because they work quickly. Having a gas hook up already with your home is common. Your gas above ground pool heater utilizes a fire to heat the water, making it incredibly effective. If you do not already have a gas hookup for your home, you can have one installed or use a propane tank system. A gas pool heater can be a great choice for a lot of people. 

Heat Pump

A heat pump installed with your system will use the surrounding air to help heat your pool. These are more ideal for warmer climates, since they depend on the air to work. They are also more eco-friendly, since they don’t require gas. Because your above ground pool heater isn’t using actual fire like a gas heater, the water may not get quite as warm as you like. It could also take quite some time to reach a desired temperature. These pumps also tend to run more than their gas counterparts. This means your electric bill will be impacted in the long term. If you do not already have a gas hook up, though, this will certainly be easier to have installed.

Solar Heater

The power for a solar pool heater is more obvious and utilizes the sun to heat the water. Also an eco-friendly option, this heater will require a space to run your water through some black tubing to use heat from the sun to heat your water. A solar powered heater will serve you well if you have a smaller pool or only need a few degrees difference in temperature for your water to be comfortable to swim in. A solar-powered heater will vary widely in price point depending on what you are getting. The major pro for buying a solar-powered heater is that there is no regular cost once it is purchased. There is no need to buy gas or electricity to make it work. All you need is a sunny day.

Buying a solar cover for your pool can be a great addition to boost your water temperature if you need an extra push for your regular above ground pool heater as well. When in doubt, reach out to chat with our experts about your specific pool and needs. Juniper is excited to help you get the best supplies and amenities that your pool needs. The enjoyment you will get from this investment is immeasurable. 

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