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Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?

There’s just something extra special about entertaining during the holidays. And there’s nothing better than creating memories with family and friends over an excellently prepared Christmas dinner. Have you ever considered planning a Christmas dinner using your grill as the primary method of cooking? Yes, you can grill your Christmas dinner! From start to finish there are a variety of recipe options out there to please any taste. And if you grill your Christmas dinner, you can free up your kitchen for most of the day. Spending more time socializing with those who mean so much to you and less time trapped in the kitchen over a hot stove is always a better option.

From appetizers to desserts, The Pool People are pleased to offer you a selection of tasty morsels from the grill recipes of Memphis Wood Fire Grills. Check out these fabulous recipes to help you plan an unforgettable menu if you want to grill your Christmas dinner.

Appealing Appetizers For Your Christmas Dinner

Just like with any large Christmas dinner, you want to go all out and have plenty of finger foods for your family and friends to snack on throughout the afternoon. Aside from the standard cheese and fruit trays and chips and dips, here you’ll find some grill-worthy appetizers. They are sure to please everyone in attendance as you set your plan in motion to grill your Christmas dinner.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


This tasty appetizer is sure to please. You can easily substitute chicken in place of the pheasant, as well. 

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


Simple and flavorful, this is an easy skewered appetizer.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


Irresistible with pita chips or fresh veggies.


Marvelous Meats to Feed a Crowd

Smoking meats on the grill is no longer just a summer activity. Grills combined with smokers have become much more sophisticated. Now, the thought of cooking a main course for your Christmas dinner on a grill is no longer a far-fetched idea. Grilling now can go far beyond casual fare. Take a look at a couple of mouth watering meat ideas that will fill your senses with a fa la la.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


Juicy, tender meat at it’s finest — Bon Appetit! 

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


The king of the dinner table, the glorious holiday turkey.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


For those who like to have some surf with their turf.


Savory Sides are Splendid

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for grilling your Christmas dinner. The Christmas season fills us with a special warmth that no other season brings out in us. It’s also a time unlike any other because favorite holiday recipes are dusted and gleefully prepared to the delight of everyone around. If you thought producing these traditional holiday foods could only happen in the kitchen, think again. Here are some holiday classic sides that will leave your crew happy, satisfied, and heading for seconds… or maybe even thirds! Everyone will want to know, “Did your really grill your Christmas dinner?”

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


You can never go wrong with this popular comfort food. It’s easier to prepare on the grill than you think.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


This dish is always a crowd pleaser. Nothing tastes better than brown-sugar-glazed sweet potatoes with ooey, gooey marshmallows on top.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


This healthy side dish pops with flavor when drizzled with a walnut vinaigrette.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


Its rich, gooey, cheesy deliciousness… who can resist?


Delicious Desserts are the Encore!

Now there isn’t a Christmas dinner around that’s complete without dessert. Did you eat all of your veggies? It’s a requirement well worth meeting in order to partake in one of the sweet treats below.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


Always a holiday favorite, ditch the oven and show off your culinary skill on the grill.

Best Menu to Grill Your Christmas Dinner?


There’s absolutely no passing up on what has to be the richest, most decadent s’more in the history of s’more making! 


At The Pool People we hope that you feel confident about firing up the grill and still having a good old fashioned Christmas dinner. From appetizers to desserts, you are sure to impress everyone who graces your table this holiday season just by selecting some of these easy-to-prepare dishes. Come visit us at The Pool People at one of our four convenient locations in Wausau, Stevens Point, Rhinelander, or Appleton.  You can also call us at (800) 472-1926. We carry a full selection of Memphis Wood Fire Grills and grilling supplies. We’re always happy to assist you in making a great grill choice for your holiday needs and for all year long.   

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