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What is the Best Grill for Smoking: Pellet or Kamado Style?

Most grill masters have an opinion on what is the best grill for smoking. One grill type is not necessarily better than the other. However, you may find one that suits your preferences. Let’s compare the smoking techniques of each smoker grill and you can decide from there.

Smoking with a Pellet Grill

If you’re new to grilling and smoking but are eager to learn, a pellet grill may be right up your alley.

Easy to Learn and Use for New Grillers

Compared to a kamado style grill, a pellet grill is generally easier for new grillers to use. They offer more temperature control and don’t take quite as long to heat up. Basically, you load up the hopper with your chosen wood pellets, set the temperature, sit back and relax on some comfortable patio furniture, and wait. That doesn’t sound too challenging, right?

Plus, with a pellet grill from Memphis® Wood Fire Grills, you can also download their helpful app and easily monitor your smoking foods right from your smartphone.

wood pellets for smoker grill
It’s fun to try new smoky flavors with a variety of wood pellets!
Have Fun with Smoky Pellet Flavors

Learning to smoke on a pellet grill is fun because you really get to play around with different flavors! Go fruity with apple or cherry; bold with mesquite or hickory; or light and mild with pecan or oak. Or experiment and come up with your own combos. Cherry mesquite? Hickory pecan? Give them all a try!

Smoking with a Kamado Style Grill

While not the most beginner-friendly, a kamado style grill certainly incredible perks. 

Master the Art of Smoking

For some, smoking isn’t just a way to cook; it’s an art form. Mastering building up a slow-burning fire, trying out different wood types and charcoals, and testing how long to smoke is a challenging journey. But the reward is the experience of enjoying meats, nuts, cheese, veggies and more permeated with a smoky flavor! Plus, you’ll have the right to claim the title of not only Grill Master, but Smoke Master as well.

Check out this video to learn some of the fundamentals of smoking on a Kamado Joe® grill:

Higher Temperatures and Longer Smoke Times

If you’re testing out a smoked meat recipe that requires a higher temperature and longer smoke time, a kamado-style grill is better suited for that, thanks to their well-insulated ceramic body.

Kamado Joe® Grills, for example, have a temperature range of 225° to 750° Fahrenheit. And with their innovative SlōRoller® that creates a cyclone of smoke and provides even heat distribution in the grill, you can cook longer and slower. This isn’t something you can get with a gas grill!

Which is Your Best Grill for Smoking?

Ask yourself: What is my goal when it comes to smoking on the grill, beyond getting that smoky flavor? 

Easy, convenient, fun! If you’re ready to try smoking without being intimidated or prefer a smoker you can set and forget, a pellet grill is probably best for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to experience the art of smoking, or need a smoker with more temperature range and cook time, a kamado style grill may be what you need. Low and slow and oh-so satisfying! 

Get the Grill You Need at Juniper

Whether you choose a wood pellet or kamado style grill, we have options for you at Juniper! View our selection of Memphis Wood Fire Grills and Kamado Joe Grills, and feel free to reach out to any of our helpful team with any questions. Together, we’ll find the best grill for smoking for you. Stop by Juniper in Appleton today to start your grill smoker adventure!

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