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Are Hammocks Good For Your Back?

Nothing says relaxation like lounging in your backyard in a comfortable hammock. Whether you like to grab a book and read it while your hammock swings gently in the breeze or you prefer to sneak in a little bit of a cat nap, there’s no doubt that there’s just something different about doing it in the comfort of a hammock. But if you spend a lot of time hanging out in your hammock, you might wonder if it’s actually good for your back.

Are Hammocks Safe?

Even though they’re comfortable and relaxing, you might have some concerns about whether a hammock is actually safe. Maybe you suffer from back pain or have other health concerns that could be exacerbated by a hammock. The simple answer is that unless you have some type of pre-existing issue with your back or with back pain, hammocks are fine for your back. They shouldn’t contribute to any concerns. Of course, if you have a specific medical condition of concern, please speak with your doctor.

How to Use Your Hammock

The amount of time you spend resting or sleeping in your hammock shouldn’t be a great concern for your back. In fact, spending time in your hammock might actually be good for you, as you’re relieving your body of pressure in a lot of areas around your back. That’s why scores of people love a good Pawleys Island hammock for the ultimate in relaxation. Take a good book out back and cozy up in your soft, swaying hammock. Or retreat for a Sunday afternoon nap in the shade. Are you ready for a poolside retreat? Place your hammock by the water for a summertime treat that you’ll love to return to over and over again. You can even take your hammock on that long-awaited summer camping trip!

How to Put Up a Hammock Without Trees

You might assume you need two large, perfectly spaced trees in your outdoor space in order to install a hammock. This isn’t the case. You can actually purchase a free-standing hammock stand. Not only are these types of hammocks super sturdy and secure, but you have the freedom to place them anywhere in your yard. They can also be moved, which is especially handy when you want to change your position to in or out of the sun.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Hammocks?

A comfortable, colorful hammock not only contributes to summertime relaxation, but it can also add a little something extra to the overall look of your backyard. By accessorizing it with decorative pillows and a little side table to hold your book and beverage, you can create a cozy, inviting outdoor space.

The freedom of freely swaying in your yard can provide you with a host of mental health benefits as well. With all of these positive benefits, you should definitely consider adding a hammock to your outdoor space this year.

Where Can I Buy a Hammock?

If you want the most comfortable American hammocks on the market, there’s only one place to look. Come visit the Juniper showroom in Appleton to see our selection of hammocks in person. We can help you pick out the best size, design, and color to accent your outdoor living space. With a stunning Pawleys Island hammock, you’ll have a comfortable space to relax any time — day or night. Your back will thank you! Contact us today for more information.

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