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Are Chemicals for Pools and Hot Tubs the Same?

With the right chemicals, your pool and hot tub can stay ready for a relaxing dip at all times. But are chemicals for pools and hot tubs the same? The chemicals required to maintain pool water are not the same as those required for hot tub water. In fact, using the wrong pool chemicals to treat your hot tub could cause damage and even harm swimmers.

Water Care for Pools vs. Hot Tubs

With a cursory glance, the chemicals in the hot tub aisle and the pool section might look similar. The water chemistry in both hot tubs and pools should be tested often, even daily when in constant use. However, the differences between hot tubs and pools require different chemicals and treatment for the water maintenance of each. 

The most obvious difference between hot tubs and pools is size. If you were to use chemicals and dosages meant for a large pool in a small hot tub, you could damage the smaller spa’s equipment. An improper chemical balance from using pool chemicals in a hot tub could also possibly irritate or harm spa guests. Likewise, a smaller number of people will affect the water quality in a hot tub faster than in a larger pool.

In addition to size considerations, hot tubs are kept at higher temperatures than pools. Also, pools are exposed to more sunlight than hot tubs that are covered when not in use. All of these factors determine what chemicals and schedule your pool and spa need to remain pristine. 

Pool Chemicals

The key to caring for your pool water is proper and consistent maintenance. First, your pool needs a sanitizer like chlorine or a chlorine alternative to keep your water clean. Next, you’ll need chemicals meant to increase or decrease your water’s pH level and alkalinity to maintain balance. Clear pool water is regulated by your pool’s calcium hardness. Last, pool shock and algaecide are your chemical defense against common water problems that might come your way with heavy use.

Hot Tub Chemicals

Because hot tubs are smaller than pools, hot tub water chemistry is more sensitive and requires more consistent attention and care to remain clean. A hot tub sanitizer with chlorine or professional alternative cleans your spa water. Additionally, a spa shock matching your preferred sanitizer can bring your water back to life from a place of deep unbalance. 

Similarly to a pool, you must maintain your hot tub water’s calcium hardness, alkalinity, and pH levels with hot tub chemicals that can increase or decrease them. 

Where to Find Pool and Hot Tub Chemicals in Wisconsin

Juniper has all the Wisconsin pool and hot tub chemicals you need to keep your pool and spa crystal clear at all times. We are happy to offer free water testing in our Appleton store for all our loyal customers. Our pool and spa professionals can show you what your water needs and send you on your way with a solution! Stop by our store or give us a call today.

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