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Are above ground pool durable?
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Are Above-Ground Pools Durable?

Looking to fill some space in your backyard with some family fun? Maybe you started with a simple inflatable above-ground pool to test the waters. You may have wanted to start with the simplicity of an inflatable pool before deciding to go with something more lasting and permanent. You found that you enjoyed the summer floating around blissfully and the kids had a blast. Or maybe you’ve never had a pool, but are wanting something that will stand the test of time. Splashing and playing is just what is needed for this summer’s future. But what above-ground pool is right for you? You know that you want both affordability and durability beyond what is found in the basic inflatable pool. Are above ground pools durable? Let’s take a look at the the types of above-ground pools so that you can confidently pick the one that’s right for you.

Durable Steel-Framed Pools

Powder-coated or galvanized steel pools are strong and lasting. During the manufacturing process, the steel panels are dipped in protective layers of zinc, coatings, and treatments that offer the ultimate protection against corrosion and abrasion. The strength of a steel-framed pool offers support for larger, deeper pools. A steel-framed pool includes vertical supports and side rails. The sidewalls and bottom of the pools are usually made of ultra-strong plastic, vinyl, PVC, or resin. A pump and filtration system will keep your water clean and clear. Steel-framed pools are able to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures. They are a great option for your backyard pool.

Super Strong Resin

Resin pools are made from hard, durable resin that’s both light-weight and modern in appearance. A resin frame is created by molding the top rails and verticals. As the material is pushed through the mold, ribs add to the strength of the frame. Then, the walls are injected and reinforced with a woven material. This makes your pool resistant to dents and warping. Although a little more upfront, resin pools aren’t very susceptible to rust or corrosion. This type of pool makes an exception pool for all your swimming and playing needs.

Hybrid Durability

Hybrid pools embrace the best of both steel and resin. Resin components are typically the parts of the frame that are exposed to sun and water. The steel components will provide the stronger support they offer through the vertical portion of the frame. These pools tend to be more expensive than a steel frame, but less expensive than an all-resin model. Overall, you just can’t go wrong with a hybrid pool.

At Juniper, we know that making a choice in your treasured backyard pool is an important decision. You don’t just want this summer to be fun… you want EVERY summer to be fun! That’s why we bring you only the strongest and most durable above-ground pools on the market. We offer the best brands on the market like Doughboy®Embassy®Cornelius®, and Radiant® Pools. Come see us today and our experienced staff will discuss all the options available to transform your backyard into a space of unending joy.


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