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Are Above-Ground Pools Durable?

When you’re looking to buy a pool, a lot of questions cross your mind. Should I get an above-ground pool or an inground pool? Are above-ground pools durable? Where should I get my pool? Let’s discuss.

Are Above-Ground Pools Durable?

The durability of above-ground pools depends on the material the pool is made out of. Are you buying an inflatable above-ground pool from a big box store? You’ll be lucky if it lasts the entire summer.

But, if you’re buying an above-ground pool from a reputable pool dealer, your pool is likely to last much longer. Depending on the pool, the seller, and how well you take care of the pool, your above-ground pool could last up to 20 years. 

What Type Will Last the Longest?

Above-ground pools come in a variety of options. A common one you’ll see at the big box stores are inflatable pools. These pools are cheap and can be set up quickly, but like we said, won’t last long. A cheap pool means cheap materials, and it’s just not going to last long without wearing down or breaking. 

If you’re wanting an above-ground pool that will last, look for one that is made of steel and/or resin. Above-ground pools made of steel and/or resin are the kind that will last up to 20 years. This is because they are both strong, durable materials that are made to withstand weather and last longer.

Will I Have to Replace Anything?

Whether you get a steel pool, a resin pool, or a combination, there will be some upkeep involved. The pool structure itself is durable enough to last a decade or two, but the vinyl liner is not. A vinyl pool liner typically needs to be replaced at least every ten years, if not sooner. This depends on how often you use your pool, how well you keep it maintained, and a variety of other factors. But, over your pool’s lifetime, expect to replace the vinyl liner at least once, maybe twice. 

Don’t let having to replace the liner get you down, though. As long as you get a quality liner from a quality dealer, you’ll only have to replace it once or twice. But, if you get an above-ground pool from a big box store, you’ll have to replace things (maybe even the entire pool) more often. Just save yourself some hassle later and make the larger investment now.

How Do I Know I’m Getting a Good Above-Ground Pool?

So, are above-ground pools durable? The answer is clearly yes, with one caveat: you need to get one from a reputable dealer. No matter where you live in Wisconsin, you can find The Pool People nearby. We’ve been serving Wisconsin since 1976 and only sell the best above-ground pools, so you can be confident in your purchase. Plus, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way. Stop by one of our locations or contact us today to get started.

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