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A family enjoys a durable above ground pool for generations to come.
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Are Above-Ground Pools Durable?

Summer is almost here! Are you pool shopping yet? An above-ground pool can make your yard the summer paradise you’re dreaming of at an ideal value. However, value doesn’t mean cheap or shoddily made. There are many types of above-ground pools on the market, and they are not all created equally. Are you asking “Are above-ground pools durable?” Read on to find out which ones are and which ones definitely are not. 

Are Above-Ground Pools Durable?

Giving you the facts on above-ground pools and their durability can be tricky. The truthful answer is, it depends! Lower quality above-ground pool brands estimate lifetimes of a couple years with ideal conditions. Frames made with cheaper materials can rust and oxidize. And low-quality vinyl can tear much quicker than expected.

Even worse, if you’ve ever owned an inflatable pool, you know they can last as little as a couple minutes. All it takes is a misplaced pine cone or car keys in someone’s pocket, and “Pop!” The kids are surfing a wave into the deep end of the lawn. 

On the other hand, steel and resin above-ground pools like those sold by Juniper can last for decades! The difference is astonishing. Brands we carry like Doughboy® Pools have been shared by generations of families over the years with proper care. If you are wanting to invest in years of family fun, invest well!

The Secret is In the Frame

Steel and resin above-ground pools offer superior durability. So, what’s the secret? This video from Doughboy Pools explains: “Our steel frames are made from better-than-industry-standard gauge steel (approximately 50% heavier than other brands), which increases stability. The 7-step coating process on both sides of the verticals and top rails ensure maximum corrosion resistance and superior durability. Our resin frames are built with massive, steel-reinforced resin verticals to prevent top rail rocking and ensures maximum strength. Our hidden screw connectors prevent swimsuit snags and scratches while the coined top connectors ensure complete smoothness and an attractive appearance.”

You know what that means? DURABILITY.

Family Fun for a Lifetime

Real families just like yours enjoy steel or resin above-ground pools for years and years. Take a look at these true testimonials demonstrating the longevity and durability possible for an above-ground pool when you get it from a high-quality source like Juniper.

John and Lois S. chimed, “I installed an above-ground 24′ round pool in 1976 — a DOUGHBOY, of course. My kids grew up with it, now my grandkids are using it practically every day. For 29 years the pool has been a joy for my family… Shows you what good quality and a little TLC can do.” Parents, then kids, then grandkids enjoying a durable above-ground pool.

Bob P. heralded, “I am a proud owner of a Doughboy pool, which has been in use for 34 years at two different homes (moved it once). Thank you for your excellent product!!!” 34 YEARS!

Terry D. had to say, “I just want to let you know that we’ve had a Doughboy pool, 16 X 40 with an 8 ft deep end, for 22 years. This pool amazingly has held up for all those years without replacing the liner or any other major problems.”

Let us show you the possibilities for a durable steel or resin above-ground pool in your own backyard. Contact Juniper today to get started on your summer full of endless fun. We are happy to be your source for durable and incredibly enjoyable above-ground pools in Appleton. 

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