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Aquatic Dance Therapy in Your Swim Spa

If you’re looking for a low-impact, all-weather home workout, try aquatic dance therapy in your swim spa! You can conveniently practice aquatic dance therapy at home in your own backyard exercise pool. And because water dance workouts are fun and exciting, it’s that much easier to stay motivated to work out! The spa experts at Juniper can help you keep your swim spa sparkling clean and ready for an aquatic dance therapy session anytime.

What is Aquatic Dance Therapy?

Aquatic dance therapy is a water workout you can do in a swim spa, above-ground pool, or really any body of water. The workout involves doing dance moves while standing in water. To practice aquatic dance therapy, you can follow an aquatic dance fitness instructor, watch a choreographed aquatic dance guide video, or freestyle and get loose with it!

Importantly, water workouts are low impact. Low-impact workouts are gentle on your joints and body. This means you are getting the exercise your body needs with less extra stress that could eventually wear on it. 

Therefore, low-impact workouts like aquatic dance therapy are ideal for people of all ages and mobility levels. Because of this, water workouts can be used for physical therapy and recovery. Ask your doctor or physical therapist about incorporating aquatic dance therapy into your therapy routine.

Can I Do Aquatic Dance Therapy in My Swim Spa?

Particularly, your backyard exercise pool can be your very own at-home aquatic dance therapy studio. With a swim spa’s temperature regulation, your water workout will be the perfect temperature every time. Additionally, when the weather gets cold, your swim spa stays warm. So you can practice aquatic dance therapy in spring, summer, fall, and winter.



Moreover, your swim spa has several features to enhance your water dance workout. First, you can turn on your swim spa’s water current for increased resistance. Second, play some music through your spa’s built-in stereo system to make you dance. Finally, end your aquatic dance therapy session with some relaxing hydrotherapy recovery time leaning into the calming massage of the spa jets.

Water Dance Workouts You Can Try in Your Exercise Pool

If you’ve ever tried Zumba® on dry land, you’ll love energizing Aqua Zumba® in your swim spa. Follow along with a Zumba instructor like the one in the below video, or bring out your favorite dry Zumba moves and get them wet.


For a calmer aquatic dance therapy experience, consider Aqua Pilates: “Pilates is the art of controlled movements, that, when put together, can improve your flexibility, build strength, and develop control and endurance… When doing Aqua Pilates, these focus points become even more exaggerated, and you get an even stronger, and, we think, more fun workout!”   


Do you prefer to do your own thing when it comes to water dance workouts? Just put on your favorite dance playlist and get dancing! Then, invite some friends over for an aquatic dance therapy party in your swim spa.

Juniper is Your Wisconsin Water Workout Supply Source

Juniper has everything you need to get your swim spa ready for aquatic dance therapy. Contact us to hear about our swim spas and services. Or, stop by our Appleton store location to see our swim spas in person. You can even schedule a private test soak in one of our swim spa models. Feel free to try out a few dance moves while you’re soaking!

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