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An Interior Designer’s Guide to Luxury Game Room Design

Designing a game room is such a fun challenge. You get to incorporate both color and creativity into the room. In many other spaces, practicality and neutrals are focal. But game rooms are for fun! There are many different styles for game room design, but we have a few tips to create a fun and relaxing space. Interior designers, here’s your guide to designing a luxury game room.

Fun Color Schemes

The colors in any room are important for setting the emotional environment of the room. A game room is somewhere people go to have fun, celebrate, socialize, and take a break from the worries and stresses of everyday life. When people walk in, the colors and décor should automatically make them feel relaxed and positive. So when picking out a color scheme for a game room, you’ll want to choose something exciting, different, and maybe out of the ordinary. Darker or more vibrant colors can be appropriate for a game room because they bring a visual element of fun to the room.

Dark colors like black, gray, brown, blues, greens, and reds can add to a moody, masculine look. These colors, along with natural elements such as wood, metals, and animal accessories, are great if you’re going for a mature man cave.

Bright reds, yellows, and other neon colors contrast well with black for a younger, retro-style game room. Vintage game posters, neon signs, and geometric patterns create an 80s arcade feel in a game room.

For more information on the importance of color in interior design, check out this article from HGTV.


In a game room, we’re going for cozy vibes. Depending on the theme and who the room is for, you might want some quirky mid-century modern chairs and sofas. Or, you might want to choose some classy leather seats for a more mature game room. You might want to include a bar and barstools in your game room, too. For adult-only game nights and parties, a bar and TV can turn your game room into a multi-purpose hangout space. A well-styled cart can also add a grown-up, luxurious element to the entertaining room.

The Games!

The types of games you have will partially set the theme for the decorative elements in the room, also. For example, an arcade room will look great with fun and colorful retro furniture and décor. On the other hand, a classy game room with a billiards table and a couple dart boards might be the place for some masculine neutrals and vintage décor with nature-inspired elements. Head to Juniper to pick up some games from our selection of incredible game room amenities. We carry high-quality games, including:

  • Billiards tables
  • Air hockey tables
  • Bubble hockey
  • Ping pong tables
  • Foosball tables
  • Shuffle boards
  • Arcade games
  • and more!

Juniper is your one-stop shop for games, Plank & Hide billiard tables, and game supplies in Appleton, Wisconsin. We sell superior quality games and accessories, and we offer the kind of service you’ll only find at a family-owned business. Juniper is the place to find unequaled craftsmanship to make your game room design extra luxurious and unique. Find us at 5370 Integrity Way in Appleton, or give us a call to inquire about our stock at (920) 739-9522.

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