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Can I Get One Kit to Close an Above Ground Pool?

While it is wonderfully summertime now, fall and winter will be here before we know it. This begs the question, “Can I get a kit with all the chemicals I need to close an above-ground pool?” In short, yes! You can get one kit with all the chemicals you need to close an above ground pool. This tends to make a rather intimidating process easier the first time you have to do it on your own. With help from our experienced experts at Juniper, though, you really won’t have to stress about the process at all. 

Balance your pool chemicals as usual to close an above ground pool.

This is one of the simplest parts of the process and what you will use your pool closing kit for. A good kit should have a sanitizer, pH increaser, alkalinity increaser, calcium hardness increaser, and algaecide. If you can’t find a closing kit, you can find everything you need to make your own kit at Juniper. You will want to test the water and be sure all of the chemicals are balanced normally. Hopefully, you have been on top of this all summer long and it is not a difficult process. You can add a little extra chlorine if you want to be sure things stay extra clean until the next season, but this is not necessary. Test the water again once you finish adding any chemicals to be sure everything is at ideal levels. 

Clean your pool as usual.

After being sure all of the chemicals are well balanced, you can clean your pool as normal. This includes brushing the sides, running your robotic vacuum, and emptying the skimmer baskets. You can also take this opportunity to clear the area around your pool. If you have anything you don’t want left out in the weather, put it away as well. You can remove ladders or steps and store those too.

Drain the water to protect your skimmer and jets.

Once everything is cleaned, you can lower the water level to just below the skimmer to ensure these parts of the pool do not freeze at any point during the cold Wisconsin winter. You will also want to place plugs over the skimmer and pump to further protect from freeze damage. 

Drain excess water from the pump, filter, and plumbing to close an above ground pool.

With everything plugged and protected, you will want to drain any excess water from the pump and filter. You will also unhook any hoses and pipes that you can, so you are sure none of these things freeze. You can find videos on your specific pool if you want to see someone disconnect them. You can also place a call to your local Juniper store for expert help.

Cover the pool.

The final step is to place your pool cover over your pool with an air pillow underneath. This will protect your pool frame from cracking with any freeze that may happen. Winterizing your pool is all about protecting your investment from any winter damage that could happen.

Skip all of the above steps and let Juniper close an above ground pool for you!

If all this sounds like too much to take on, then just let our experienced technicians at Juniper complete the process for you. Complete our simple form, and we will come to your home and close your pool for you when it’s time. Get ahead of the rush and get on our list today. Juniper can take all of the extra effort out of closing, making owning your pool all fun and games. Contact us today!

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