Pool & Spa Chemicals

Keeping your swimming pool or spa water clean can often seem like an impossible task. But with pool and spa chemicals from The Pool People, you’ll enjoy remarkably refreshing pool and spa water in no time at all!

The Pool People offer pool and spa chemicals from Baquacil, Pool Frog & Spa Frog and E-Z Pool. Contact us today for more info!


prod_large_baquacil_systems Enjoy the good life with chlorine-free Baquacil! Baquacil products will give you all you need to keep your pool’s pH, total alkalinity and hardness at their optimal and recommended levels. When it comes right down to it, Baquacil are balanced to suit your pool! More Information. . .


Pool Frog & Spa Frog

Pool Frog When you put the Pool Frog & Spa Frog in charge, there’s nothing left to do but sit back and relax. Specializing in reliable chemicals to give you fresh, clear, clean water, Pool Frog & Spa Frog minerals will make your family’s pool or spa feel softer and look sparkling clean! More Information. . .


E-Z Pool & Spa

E-Z Pool Chemcals Clean, clear, balanced and trouble free! That’s how you’ll describe your family pool or spa if you use E-Z Pool & Spa chemicals. Their pool and spa care systems provide simple-to-use, chlorine-free solutions. Take it easy with E-Z Pool & Spa! More Information. . .

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