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above-ground pools vs. swim spas
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Above-Ground Pools versus Swim Spas

Could it be the battle of the ages? Above-ground pools versus swim spas. In one corner, we have the above-ground pool, available in all shapes and sizes and capable of entertaining adults and kids alike. In the other corner, we have the swim spa — sleek, stylish, and capable of offering fitness and relaxation with year-round use. Are you a family divided over which is the better choice? When it comes to above-ground pools versus swim spas, the answer really depends on your family situation. Both pools and swim spas have their own unique factors and characteristics that set them apart. Read on and discover which one is right for you as we explore some deciding factors.

Big Backyard or Teeny-Tiny Space?

As the years have gone by, there has been more of a trend toward smaller property size. A small backyard may not have the space needed for a pool. In that situation, you would be looking for the flexibility a swim spa offers with its smaller space requirements. Those who have medium to large yards don’t have to be concerned with the larger footprint a pool will have. You’ll want to consider location for other outside activities your family enjoys if you want to incorporate an above-ground pool in the mix of a larger yard. 

Consider the Cost

You might find that the installation costs for an above-ground pool can be higher than you may have first thought. Site prep costs can be expensive. When you add features like optional products, steps, and decks, the cost will continue to grow. Besides those costs, you will need to factor in overall maintenance, equipment, chemical, and utility costs. If your reasons for wanting a pool outweigh the cost, then the price may not be an issue. Swim spas also offer you swimming options with less invasive site preparation. All you need is a concrete pad and a dedicated GFCI electrical outlet. Plus, you will have lower maintenance costs. 

Fun and Fitness

When looking at an above-ground pool, you’ll find that swimming is more natural because the difficulty is based on how hard you push yourself. In a swim spa, you are swimming against an active current. If the current is too strong, you can adjust as needed.

If you enjoy entertaining and have children who love to have friends over, then an above-ground pool may be what you are looking for. With the variety of shapes and sizes offered, you can get a spacious above-ground pool for pool games and the splashing around that children always enjoy. Above-ground pools also offer the ample space needed to relax and float the day away. A swim spa will allow for multiple people, and you also get the bonus of a hot tub at one end, if you choose.

A Spectacular Swimming Season

The length of the swim season may be important. An above-ground pool is an excellent way to beat the heat of summer, but the chill of winter is coming. If the idea of swimming year-round has no appeal, then the inevitable pool closing won’t bother you other than having to give the summer a wistful goodbye. But if you love the idea of being able to swim year-round and enjoy year-long opportunities to use a hot tub, then a swim spa could be right for you. A swim spa is made to be insulated against the cold and has a built-in heater. This enables you to greatly extend your swimming season and choose to swim all year long with relatively low utility costs.

Which one is right for you? Only you can decide the ultimate winner of this great debate. Come and see us at The Pool People. We’ll be your moderator while you browse our selection of above-ground pools and swim spas. Either way you choose, you’ll have a sensational space for all of your aquatic adventures!


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