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Above-Ground Pool vs. Swim Spa

Are you deciding between an above-ground pool vs. swim spa? The good news is, both are excellent choices to complete your patio and backyard area. Both above-ground pools and swim spas offer durable, flexible swim spaces at a lower price than an inground pool. You’ll want an above-ground pool if you’re seeking a less expensive traditional pool experience with some location flexibility. On the other hand, you might choose a swim spa if you want temperature controls and water jet options. With over 40 years of serving the pool and spa needs of Wisconsin, the experts at Juniper can help you decide whether an above-ground pool vs. swim spa is the perfect choice for you.


Above Ground Pool vs. Swim Spa: Similarities

For starters, you might have a backyard with limited space or awkward proportions. In this case, both above-ground pools and swim spas are smaller than inground pools and can be arranged to fit in limited spaces. Furthermore, because they are private confined spaces, both options make great locations to provide your young kids with swim lessons

Both above-ground pools and swim spas can cost less than inground pools in terms of installation and maintenance over time. Additionally, maintenance requirements and frequencies are similar for both options depending on your level of use. And when the time comes to move, both can be relocated to your new address, unlike their inground counterparts.


Above Ground Pool vs. Swim Spa: Differences

While both have some similar features and uses, above-ground pools and swim spas are also preferable for distinct reasons. Above-ground pools, for example, are generally deeper than swim spas, allowing for exceptional swimming space. Also, above-ground pools can be installed completely above ground, semi-inground with landscaping, or even beneath a constructed patio for entry similar to a completely inground pool.

Contrarily, swim spas can be installed above ground both outside and inside your home, depending on your available space. Swim spas, also called exercise pools, can be heated like a hot tub. A swim spa’s heating capabilities make it an evergreen spot to party and exercise all year through warm and cold weather.

In addition to comfy water heating, swim spas also feature hydrotherapy jets like hot tubs. Swim spa jets can be used to add increased resistance to your water workout routine. After your workout (or even instead of it), the same jets turn your swim spa into a relaxing hot tub in which to unwind. Additional features like LED lights and stereo sound systems might also make swim spas stand out as a choice for you.


Your Wisconsin Pool and Spa Experts

Whether you decide an above-ground pool or a swim spa is the right fit for you and your family, Juniper has you covered. We are proud to provide high-quality pool and spa products and services to our customers in Appleton and all of Wisconsin. You can contact us or stop by our store with any of your pool and spa questions. We can even set up a private “test soak” in one of our swim spas to try before you buy. With pool financing available and expert advice for all your needs, Juniper is your one-stop Wisconsin pool shop!

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