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8 Games to Play on a Billiards Table (Besides Pool)

So, you bought that gorgeous billiards table you have always wanted. You even have a designated spot for it in your game room or basement. The family has learned to play basic pool and is having a great time enjoying your new table and honing their pool-playing skills. You don’t regret your investment at all, but sometimes you wonder if there are any other games to play on a billiards table. The good news is that your billiards table is more multipurpose than you initially thought. After perfecting your 8 Ball and 9 Ball games, you may be itching to try some non-standard games, or maybe even using that billiards table for something totally different than pool. Let’s take a look at eight games to play on a billiards table (besides pool).

Non-Standard Games to Play on a Billiards Table

If you have been playing pool for a while, you are familiar with the standard games of 8 Ball or 9 Ball. Those classic games are fantastic, but it is fun to shake things up from time to time and play variants of these games to keep things challenging (or in one case, beginner friendly). Here are some games to play on a billiards table the whole family will enjoy.

  1. One Pocket: In this game, each player is assigned one pocket, and that pocket only, in which to sink their balls. 
  2. Cutthroat: This is a great game for three people, in which each person is assigned five balls. The object is to sink the other player’s balls while at least one of yours stays on the table. 
  3. Pool Darts: In this game, each pocket is assigned a points value. The end pockets can be worth five points and middle pockets worth 10. If you like, give the different colored balls different point values as well. There are no assigned balls and the player to get the most points wins. 
  4. Any 8: Beginners and kids love this game. Instead of being assigned stripes or solids, the first person to get any eight balls into the pockets wins. There is no calling out which pocket and no worrying about the 8 ball.


Games to Play on a Billiards Table (Besides Pool)

Your billiards table was a big investment, and you hope to keep it in good condition for a long time to come. You probably even have a set of rules about what can happen on or around your pool table. No food or drink, no sitting or climbing on the table, and for goodness’ sake, don’t let the cat up on it. Your goal is to protect the surface of your billiards table and avoid costly repairs. The idea of using your billiards table for anything other than playing pool is sacrilege. But wait. Did you know you can get a billiards table topper that can convert it (without harm) into a surface for other activities? Now that is a practical idea. Here are some games to play on a billiards table.

  1. Table Tennis: Yes, you can convert your billiards table into a table tennis table. Juniper sells these converter tops complete with net! All you need are the paddles and balls and you are good to go with a whole different game to be played on your billiards table.
  2. Board Games: There are also table toppers that are meant for dining that can be purchased to top your billiards table. You can use these table toppers for playing board games such as Monopoly or whatever the latest family board game craze of the moment is. Your billiards table surface is completely covered and protected.
  3. Jigsaw Puzzles: Every family loves to work on puzzles together, and this activity can easily be performed on your billiards table with the addition of the dining table topper mentioned above. And you can leave the puzzle in place until it is completed, which is harder to do when it is on the coffee table or your actual dining table!
  4. Poker/Card Games: If you are a card-playing family, a dining top accessory for your billiards table can convert your table into the perfect spot for poker or your game of choice.


Do you wish your billiards table could be more multipurpose? We hope these eight games to play on a billiards table (besides pool) have given you ideas for making the most of your recreational investment. Juniper and The Pool People have billiards table converter tops in stock, along with all the standard supplies you need for your table’s intended use for playing pool. Visit us at our Appleton location for more information on games to play on a billiards table or to choose a gorgeous new billiards table for your home.  


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