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8 Benefits to Plug-N-Play Hot Tubs You Never Knew

Have you been considering getting a hot tub, but have a few reservations? Maybe you lack space or are a renter, or perhaps you believe that you don’t have the budget for a hot tub. As a matter of fact, you may have some doubts that a hot tub is right for you at all. Juniper and The Pool People want to share some information with you that could help you decide to make your dream to own a hot tub come true. Choosing a “plug-n-play” hot tub could be a game changer. Here are eight benefits to plug-n-play hot tubs you never knew. 

First of All, what is a Plug-N-Play Hot Tub?

It turns out that hot tubs come in different voltage options. Those options are 120V or 240V. A plug-n-play hot tub is 120V and can be plugged into any dedicated electrical outlet. A 240V hot tub requires a 240V electrical connection, which needs to be installed by a licensed electrician. 240V hot tubs are generally the larger of the two options and can accommodate more bathers. They also come with more powerful jets and other features. There will probably be some setup requirements needed before you can enjoy your 240V hot tub. In contrast, one of the benefits to plug-n-play hot tubs is that you literally fill it up, plug it in, balance your water, and get in and “play.”

Benefits to Plug-N-Play Hot Tubs

  1. Electrical:  No special electrical requirements are needed to set up a 120V plug-n-play hot tub.
  2. Easier fit in tight spaces: If you have a small patio or even a reinforced deck, you can fit a plug-n-play hot tub in with ease. There are even triangular-shaped models that fit in corners.
  3. Portability: The smaller size of plug-n-play hot tubs means that they are lighter and easier to move. This means if you change locations, it is a simple matter to move your hot tub with you.
  4. Great for renters: If you are a renter, you may believe that getting a hot tub is not a viable option. It turns out that the portability, smaller size, and simple electrical plug-in aspect are benefits to plug-n-play hot tubs, which makes them perfect for those who live in rented spaces. 
  5. Affordability: The lower price of plug-n-play hot tubs makes them affordable for those on a budget.
  6. Easy to clean: A plug-n-play hot tub is a cinch to clean. Drain it, wipe it down, refill and enjoy.
  7. Get one for your second home: If you have a 240V hot tub in your primary residence, why not get a second hot tub for your vacation home? There’s no need to give up your regular hot tub soaks when you are away from home!
  8. Commitment to the hot tub lifestyle: Not sure if the hot tub life is for you? What better way to test it out than by starting out with an affordable plug-n-play model? 

There you have it: Eight benefits to plug-n-play hot tubs you never knew. Juniper hopes that one or more of these advantages to getting a plug-n-play hot tub have convinced you to try one out for yourself. No matter what your situation, you could bring the benefits of a soothing spa retreat to your own home. Juniper has many hot tub options, and our professional team is on board to help you find the perfect one for you. Stop by our Appleton location to see for yourself just how wonderful a plug-n-play hot tub can be.


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