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7 Spectacular Ways to Use a Sauna in Summer

Our Wisconsin summers can be hot and humid. It may seem counterintuitive to use your sauna during the warmer months, but there are health benefits to enjoy no matter the outside temperature. It is quite common in Scandinavian countries for people to have an outside sauna on a lake where they can take a cool dip after their sauna session. Many of you may live by one of our state’s thousands of lakes, so you could do the same.

There is no reason to discontinue your regular sauna routine just because the weather outside has warmed up. As a matter of fact, there are some reasons why using your sauna in the summer may have specific benefits unique to the season. Here are seven spectacular ways to use a sauna in summer.

1) Use a Sauna in Summer to Acclimate Yourself to the Heat

When your use a sauna in summer it may actually acclimate your body to the heat outside. Did you know that the Italian football team used saunas before going to the 2014 Olympics in Brazil? They wanted to prepare themselves for the heat and humidity of the Amazon!

2) Use a Sauna in Summer to Ease Muscle Pain

There is no doubt that many of us exercise extra vigorously in the spring and summer to prepare our bodies for swimsuit season. As a result, we are walking around with sore muscles most of the time. Sauna sessions are known to relax the muscles and promote the healing of those strained tissues. 

3) Saunas Help Promote Weight Loss

Along with our ramped-up exercise routines, many of us are trying to lose a few pounds to look our best in summer’s skimpier clothing. When you use a sauna in summer, your heart rate speeds up, your metabolism raises, and your body starts burning more calories. In addition, there is some amount of water weight shed due to perspiration.

4) Use a Sauna in Summer to Improve Your Skin

An added benefit when you use a sauna in summer is that it increases your circulation. Oxygen and nutrients are brought to the skin’s surface which helps rejuvenate your skin cells and open pores. You emerge from the sauna with a healthy glow that lasts.

5) Use a Sauna in Summer to Boost Your Immune System

Who among us hasn’t suffered from the annoyance of a summer cold? Using your sauna doesn’t simply help clear your sinuses and nasal congestion. The heat from the sauna persuades your body that it has a fever and causes the production of more white blood cells to fight off the infection. Studies have been conducted that show the immune system of sauna users is boosted more than those who do not use the sauna.

6) Relax Your Stress Away in a Sauna

Summer as a kid was pretty carefree. With weeks of no school, we could fill our days with play and goofing off with our friends. As adults, however, sometimes summer can be anything but relaxing. There are graduation parties to plan, weddings to coordinate, and vacation details to sort out—the list seems endless. If you are in the throes of seasonal event-related stress, taking time to use a sauna in summer can raise your endorphin level, reduce stress, and provide feelings of rejuvenation.

7) How to Get the Most Out of a Sauna in Summer

In order to maximize the benefits of sauna use during the summer, Juniper has a few guidelines to recommend. 

  • Drink lots of water. The sweating produced by a sauna session is dehydrating, so counteract that effect by drinking water before, during, and after your sauna session.
  • Avoid alcohol in the sauna. Alcohol is dehydrating and is best avoided during sauna use. Drink water instead.
  • Cool down after using a sauna. Jump in the pool or a lake like the Scandinavians do. Hose yourself off with the garden hose, or take a cold shower. The relative difference in temperature of the sauna and the water will cool you off.
  • Let your body drip dry. Don’t towel off immediately after exiting the sauna. Let yourself air dry and experience the cooler effect.

Did these seven spectacular ways to use a sauna in summer persuade you to give it a try? Your sauna is meant to be used year-round, and there are benefits of using it in summer that are worth exploring. Juniper carries Almost Heaven® and Pro 6® saunas in both traditional and infrared models. Come into our Appleton location and let’s talk about the benefits of adding a sauna to your health routine.

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