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4th of July grill recipes to make your mouth water
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6 4th of July Grill Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water

Any good party requires some advance planning. So if you are intending to invite some family and friends over for a 4th of July backyard barbecue, the time for getting yourself organized is now. There is no better way to celebrate our country’s birthday and enjoy the warm weather and good company than a delicious home-cooked meal prepared on your backyard grill.

To accomplish the most successful 4th of July party, starting early is one of the best tips. Plan your menu, shop for food, gather your decorations, and all that remains is to grill that delicious food. Not sure what to serve this Independence Day? Never fear, Juniper is here with six 4th of July grill recipes to make your mouth water.

Start with the Best Equipment

When it comes to barbecue grills there are a lot of choices. Juniper recommends that you invest in a high-quality charcoal or wood pellet grill, such as the Kamado Joe® ceramic cooker/smoker or the Memphis Grills® pellet grill.

Either of these options are fabulous and will enable you to create 4th of July grill recipes to make your mouth water. However, if you are a beginner, you may find the Memphis Wood Fire Pellet Grill easier to get up to speed on. There is no charcoal to measure out or gas starter to fiddle with. You simply turn it on and it will alert you when it is up to temperature, making grilling foolproof.  Your 4th of July grill recipes will make you look like an accomplished chef.

Choose a Mouth-Watering Entree

The star of the show at your 4th of July backyard barbecue is going to be the entree. You can go with some old expected standards, but why not do something different with your 4th of July grill recipes? Your guests are sure to be impressed when you serve them something more special than they anticipate. Memphis Grills has some great recipe suggestions on their website, and we’ve linked to some of them here that we think are perfect 4th of July grill recipes.

The Juicy Lucy Burger:  Memphis Grills calls this recipe a “game changer” because the cheese in the cheeseburger is inside the patty rather than on top.

Quick Ribs: Sometimes you have the hankering to serve some finger-lickin’ ribs, but don’t want to monopolize the grill for half a day while they smoke. This recipe has some time-saving tips and results in the most flavorful ribs you could wish for.

The Best Chicken Legs You Will Ever Eat: This recipe title makes a big promise, but when you see the simple list of ingredients, you will get why they are described as they are!

Maple Glazed Salmon: If you want to do something really unique, serve your guests this barbecued salmon and they will be talking about it for weeks afterward. Not only is it a luxurious and succulent choice, it is simple to prepare.

Your 4th of July Grill Recipes Should Include Standout Sides

There are many people who would say that the side dishes are what make a backyard barbecue really special. You can make coleslaw and potato salad ahead of time to serve at the party, but there are some side dishes that can be prepared on the grill too.

Charred Corn Slaw: This incredible crowd-pleasing side dish can be prepared in advance and is guaranteed to thrill your guests. Grill corn and jalapeno peppers ahead of time and combine them with onions and other seasonings and set aside to cool while your grill is occupied with the main course. 

Old-Fashioned Baked Beans: This is another dish you can prepare the day before your 4th of July barbecue and reheat before serving. These beans are the classic recipe your mom or grandma used to make, full of molasses, brown sugar, and bits of ham hocks. You could make a meal of them alone, but as a side dish, they are sublime.

By now, our barbecue pit master probably deserves a break. End your meal with ice cream sundaes your guests can assemble themselves and sit back and bask in all the praise that will be coming your way due to the delicious 4th of July grill recipes you offered up.

If you are new to grilling, a pellet or charcoal grill may be for you. Come into Juniper’s Appleton location and talk to our barbecue pros about all the advantages of owning a Memphis Wood Fire Grill or Kamado Joe Grill. This could be your best grill season ever. We sure hope you enjoyed these six 4th of July grill recipes to make your mouth water! Give some a try and let us know how they turned out!

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