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5 Ways to Use Your Shed Next Year

How long has your shed been taking up space in your backyard? It’s just been sitting there all sad and lonely. Maybe you’re looking for something more fun and creative to do with a shed before you get one. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got 5 ways to use your shed next year

These ideas are both fun and practical. They can help you turn your home into a business or simply give you the peace and quiet that you’ve been looking for. These five ideas that we’ve got for you are very broad and can be broken down into more specific ideas. Whether you are looking for a space for your man cave or a quieter area for your she shed, we’ve got a long list of ideas.

If you like one of the more broad categories and you can think of a more specific and fun idea for your shed, let us know. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and send us a picture of how you transformed or remodeled your shed. 

Hangout Space

One of the most common ways that you can use your shed next year is by turning it into a hangout space. Instead of letting your shed become a filthy place for storage, clean it up and transform it into a great place where people can come to hang out, play games, and enjoy spending time.

One of the best ways to spruce up your hangout space is by turning it into a game room. By creating a space where people can come to play games together, you can be sure there is something fun for everyone. Some of the top games that you can put in your shed are pool, shuffleboard, ping pong and foosball

If you are not interested in a game room, but you like the idea of a good hangout area, try turning your shed into a theater room. Put in a comfy couch or two, install a projector, and you’ve got the perfect room to enjoy your favorite movies. If you’re looking to go a step further, don’t forget the popcorn machine and snacks!

Outdoor Kitchen

If there is one place that people like to be more than a hangout room it is the kitchen. Your shed creates the perfect place to cook up delicious meals and spend time outside with your loved ones. Have family get togethers or invite your friends over for a good time. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll know that it’ll be a great experience.

If the outdoor kitchen isn’t quite your style, then turn your shed into a private indoor pub. You can still invite family and friends over, but instead of having to worry about making them a meal, you can all sit and enjoy a friendly glass together.

Private Studio

Maybe what you need is a private area where you can get away and enjoy your hobbies. If that’s something that excites you, then think about turning that shed into your private studio. Not only does it allow you to escape for a little while, you can relax, break a sweat or just do something you love on your own.

One of the most common studios that people use their sheds for is a yoga studio. Maybe you are wanting to use this for your own private sessions or invite people over, it makes for the perfect space. Add some Zen to the room with your own scents, ambience, and music.

If yoga isn’t your thing but you still want to exercise, create a gym out of your shed. Throw in a treadmill and some dumbbells to help you lose weight and enjoy working out. Don’t forget to put up a plasma screen TV to enjoy your favorite shows or songs while exercising. 

Other ideas may be more personal hobbies. Take your shed and turn it into a:

  • Rock and Roll Recording Stage
  • Painting or Pottery Studio
  • Writing Escape
  • Workshop or Crafting Corner
  • Reading Nook

Home Office

With COVID opening up more opportunities to work from home, it might be about time to open your own office. Do you need a quiet place where you can work in peace? Your shed can be the perfect space. Try transforming your shed into a space that you love to be.

Something More Creative

Hopefully one of these ideas sparked an idea for you. Maybe you are wanting to be extra creative with the space though and are looking for something that no one else has done before. If that’s the case, we’ve got a couple ideas that you might enjoy.

Try using the shed as a holiday space for entertaining. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a spooky haunted house that the whole neighborhood can enjoy. Hang scary lights and decorations and create a fun space to walk through. After Halloween, turn it into Santa’s Workshop. Make it a fun place for kids to come and sit on Santa’s lap and enjoy some Christmas cocoa. During the summer months, turn it into a patriotic backyard BBQ. 

If your interest is still not piqued, why not look into creating the perfect playhouse for your kids. Make it a space where they can be entertained. Throw in their favorite toys or a makeshift kitchen. They’ll spend hours here playing their favorite games, cooking up a pretend meal, or creating their homemade trinkets. 

Let Us Be a Part of It 

Whatever you are wanting to do with the space, let us help you out. We want to help you find the perfect sized shed for your ideas and endeavors. Whether you need a big space for everything you’ve got in mind, or you’d just like a small storage area, we can make it happen. To get started on your new favorite project, give us a call today so we can help you with a space you’ll love.

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