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5 Ways to Secure Your Backyard Furniture in a Storm

When storms blow in, you don’t want your backyard furniture to be damaged. Of course, you also don’t want it blowing around, causing damage to anything else. But, don’t worry, when severe weather is forecasted, there are some simple ways to secure your outdoor furniture. 

Move Things Indoors

If you have space in your garage or shed, move unsecured furniture inside. Umbrellas, chairs, and things of similar weight are more prone to getting blown around or damaged by the wind. If possible, move them inside. 

Cover and Tie Down 

If you don’t have room to move things inside, or for larger items, you can tie them down with rope or a bungee cord. First, cover your patio furniture with furniture covers or tarps. Then, secure with rope or bungee cord. You can secure items to deck rails or stairs. Or, place stakes in the grass and attach your covered furniture to them. 

Stack Furniture in a Sheltered Corner

While not as secure as the first two options, you could make a stack of all your chairs. Then, slide them into a corner against a wall. The stack, especially if your chairs are designed to nest, will be less likely to blow away. 

Secure a Set of Furniture Together

Individual pieces may be blown around in a storm, but if your entire patio dining set is covered and secured together, it’s probably not going anywhere. Slide all the chairs in, cover the entire table and chairs set with a furniture cover, and secure at the base with bungee cords. 

Create a Windbreak

If plucking your chairs out of the neighbor’s yard is a recurring issue, even when the storm doesn’t seem that severe, consider planting a wind barrier. Almost as if you had built a wall to block the wind, by planting shrubs or trees on the west or northwest side of your property (at a right angle to the wind), you’ll great a windbreak that will protect your outdoor area. 

Now that you know how to protect it, is it time to upgrade from your old worn-out patio furniture? Check out some of our great selection of outdoor living pieces online, and then come in for a visit to see even more!

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