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5 Ways a Backyard Pool Improves Your Family Life

5 Ways a Backyard Pool Improves Your Family Life

When you think of a backyard pool, do you only think of cannonballs and upkeep? The joys of owning your own swimming pool can actually bring more benefits to your life than you can imagine! Today, see five different ways a Doughboy®, Radiant™, or Cornelius® pool can help bring your family together. With a great selection of above-ground and on-ground pools for easy and quick installation, The Pool People will get you ready for a backflip into cool waters in no time.

Promote Active Days

In the age of abundant movie and television options, Nielsen reports have released statistics that, on average, children spend 4-6 hours a day in front of the TV. Overall, physical activity for kids has also dropped dramatically over the last two decades. Kids used to inhale breakfast in their haste to jump on a bike and ride off for an entire day of adventures. Morning routines have now turned to handheld devices and smart TVs channeled to YouTube and Netflix. A pool will not only get your children active — it will give them plenty of opportunities to make great memories with siblings and friends.

Boost Family Bonding

Get everyone together for some uninterrupted family bonding. Make a point to have evening and weekend pool time to build some great memories, plus recreational time to de-stress together. Bring out some fun competition with a game of volleyball, diving for rings, or Marco Polo. Make time to tune out the world and focus on family while you build the relationships you have always wanted.

Create a Non-Digital Zone

Have you ever noticed some families during a group outing? It is staggering to realize that everyone has a phone or other digital device attached to their hands. Communication between family members can obviously suffer. The great thing about a pool is that you can’t hold a digital device while having a belly flop contest with your kids. So put away the electronics and grab your gang for a splash-tastic time together.

Know Where Your Kids Are

Having a pool out your back door not only gets your kids outside — your kids bring their friends along, too. Create a fun atmosphere to make your pool the most happening spot on the block. Plus, enjoy the added peace of mind knowing where your kids are, who they are with, and what they are doing.

Maintenance Teaches Responsibility and Technical Skills

Your backyard water paradise does come with some responsibility and maintenance. Teach your kids the importance of caring for your possessions, and help them with the technical skills needed to properly keep the pool working at the optimal level. Show them why and how to test and add chemicals, clean the filters of accumulated debris, and clean out the fallen leaves. The new learning and responsibility will give your kids a great sense of importance and accomplishment.

Overall, a pool is a smart investment, not only from an active standpoint but also from a family-bonding standpoint. With a “no device zone,” everyone in your family will get in some great physical fitness and take time out to create loads of fun memories together.

A new backyard pool is the perfect choice for family time. To start your quest for the perfect pool, check out our deluxe on-ground pool selection online. Next, come in and see The Pool People staff at any of our three convenient locations in Schofield, Stevens Point or Rhinelander. We will aid you in getting your amazing summertime plans into a new pool this year!

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