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tips for using a fire table in summer
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5 Tips for Using a Fire Table in Summer

Do you love spending as much time as possible outside during the summer? Maybe you love to start the day on the patio with coffee and the latest news. If you work from home, there is nothing so refreshing as taking the time to eat lunch al fresco. Then, a favorite mid-afternoon break activity is to grab a good book and sit and relax in the fresh air for a bit. Most of all, we think summer evenings are the perfect time to be outside. And if you are looking for a nighttime gathering spot, a fire table is an ideal solution.

There are reasons to use a fire table year-round, but summer is a natural time for your family to get back to the joys of simple living and spending time in nature. The Pool People has put together five tips for using a fire table in the summer which we hope will add to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.


1). Using a Fire Table in Summer Creates a Focal Point

When designing an outdoor environment, it is important to create a focal point. A fire table is a natural focal point that draws the eye to something worth viewing, in this case, the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Once you have chosen the location for your fire table, surround it with comfortable seating and colorful pillows to create even more of a draw. When people enter the space and see the cozy arrangement you have created around your fire table, they will be attracted to it and want to settle in.


2). Using a Fire Table in Summer for a Gathering Space

During a summer evening, when you have lighted your fire table, it will become a natural gathering place for family and friends, even if you have other seating elsewhere in your backyard. The cozy glow of the flames has a magical quality that draws people in for conversation and companionship. Make entertaining fun again by using your fire table. 


3). Using a Fire Table to Create a Romantic Atmosphere for Two

Why not get creative the next time you plan a date night with your partner? One of our favorite date night ideas is to plan a romantic evening right in our own backyard. Once the kids are in bed and it’s just the two of you, fire up your fire table and bring out your favorite drinks and snacks. S’mores aren’t just for kids, you know. This is a wonderful way to reconnect, have a meaningful conversation, and create memories with the one you love.


4). Using a Fire Table While Stargazing

Don’t have a telescope? You don’t need one to enjoy an evening under the stars. Stargazing has been a popular summertime activity for centuries, which can be enjoyed alone or with family and friends. In fact, you can plan a whole evening of stargazing around your fire table which everyone can enjoy. Mark your calendar for the Perseid Meteor Shower which peaks on August 13, 2023. The moon will be in the waning crescent stage, which promotes optimal viewing. Prepare your favorite snacks and beverages and get cozy around the fire table.


5). Using a Fire Table in Summer for Family Activities

One of the great things about having a fire table is that it recreates the atmosphere of a camping trip. There are many activities that lend themselves to the family gathering together on a balmy summer evening once the heat of the day has subsided. What can you do around the fire table that family members of all ages will enjoy? There are countless possibilities, but here are just a few.

  • Make s’mores. It’s almost a given that the kids will expect this treat, but you will find yourself having one or two as well. All you need are graham crackers, chocolate bars,  and skewers for toasting the marshmallows.
  • Tell stories. No evening spent around a campfire (or fire table) is complete without a story or two. Super scary or dad-humor cheesy, everyone will be enthralled. Even a good read-aloud is a great idea.
  • Have movie night. Use a laptop or a cordless projector to play a family-friendly movie. Make some popcorn and string some twinkle lights for added ambiance. 


Did these five tips for using a fire table in summer give you some ideas? If you don’t have a fire table, The Pool People is looking out for you. We have a great selection of fire tables and accessories from American Fire Glass®, Lloyd Flanders®, and HomecrestTM Outdoor Living. Come into one of our four showrooms and let’s find the perfect fire table for you.


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