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include new outdoor furniture in your backyard patio plans for 2023
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5 Things To Include in Your Backyard Patio Plans for 2023

Have you got any patio plans for this year? Does the thought of another summer on your dreary backyard patio leave you feeling depressed? That dirty hardscape, the shabby patio furniture, the old swing set nobody uses, the broken toys…it all just seems pointless. Can you see yourself and your family ever enjoying that dingy space again? Well, cheer up. The Pool People are here with some fantastic ideas on how you can get your patio fixed up and turn it into the focal point of your family’s summer activities. Here are five things to include in your backyard patio plans for 2023.

1) The Big Clean Up

Your first step towards patio bliss is to stage a massive cleanup. Take the old swing set down, toss the broken toys, and tackle that dirty hardscape with a power wash. Proceed with caution whenever you power wash something, whether it is wood decking, concrete, brick, or stone pavers. Too much pressure can damage your surfaces. 

2) New Patio Furniture for 2023

Nothing will give your backyard patio a lift more than new furniture. Bring the feel of your interior decor outside by using similar colors outside. An outdoor area rug can define the space where you position your new deep-cushioned sofa and chair arrangement. Add a cocktail table and an end table or two and you will have created an outdoor living space towards which your family will naturally gravitate. The outdoor furniture selection at The Pool People is outstanding and includes accessory items such as umbrellas and outdoor patio heaters that enable you to use your outdoor space for an extended period of time. 

3) Create an Outdoor Cooking/Dining Area

You certainly will want to make an outdoor cooking/dining area part of your backyard patio plans for 2023. Everyone loves to dine al fresco, and when you create an inviting dining space on your backyard patio, you will find yourself using it constantly. The Pool People carries a large selection of outdoor dining sets made by top manufacturers. If your grill has seen better days, you should come in and take a look at our Kamado Joe and Memphis Wood Fire Grills that will up your barbecue game in no time. 

4) Add a Fire Feature to your Backyard Patio Plans

A fire table is a natural draw for people and is a focal point for backyard entertainment. Adding a fire table to your backyard patio plans is a brilliant way to create a cozy gathering place for friends and family. You can even make that cocktail table in your outdoor living area double as a fire feature. The Pool People has a number of fire tables that would be the perfect choice for you. Imagine yourself having after-dinner drinks and stargazing around a fire feature with your family and friends. The conversations you will have are priceless. 

5) Include a Hot Tub in Your 2023 Patio Plans

The ultimate upgrade to your tired and neglected patio is a new hot tub. As a matter of fact, the addition of a hot tub to your backyard patio plans could be the ultimate touch of perfection that causes your family to enjoy your outside space just about all year long. As Wisconsin’s premier pool and spa dealer, The Pool People has an outstanding selection of hot tubs for your enjoyment. Not only is a hot tub a natural draw for family and friends but there is also a multitude of health and wellness benefits associated with their use


If you know in your heart that your patio has seen better days, why not make this summer the year you update it to really suit your family’s needs? We hope these 5 things to include in your backyard patio plans for 2023 have given you the inspiration to tackle that makeover. The Pool People has everything you need to make your patio dreams come true. From outdoor furniture, fire features, grills, hot tubs, and more, we have you covered. We would love to have you come into one of The Pool People’s four locations and talk to our professional staff about your 2023 patio refresh. 

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