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The perfect pool table this summer.
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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

5 Reasons Your Family Needs a Pool Table This Summer

Can you believe that summer is already just around the corner? We can’t wait! There’s a reason why summer is our favorite time of year. The kids are on vacation and the weather’s so nice. It’s time to get the family together and have some fun! Cue up the competition with a pool table from Juniper. Our beautiful pool tables are the perfect centerpiece for any room. They provide your whole family with some classic, wholesome, clean entertainment. No digital devices are necessary! We carry Olhausen® Billiards as well as Plank & HideTM for a grand selection of the top brands including cues and accessories! Here are five reasons your family should add a pool table to your home this summer.

1. In-Home Entertainment

With a billiards table, you get all the excitement of a night out, right in the comfort of your own home. You only get 18 summers with your kids, so every moment with your family is precious. Why not give the kids a reason to stay in for the night and challenge dad or mom to a billiards game or two? You better keep your skills sharp, though. Your kids are growing up fast, they’ll be clearing the table before you know it. Not only will you enjoy more nights with the kids at home, you won’t spend a chunk of change on outside entertainment that’s inconvenient and unhealthy. 

2. A Little Healthy Pool Table Competition

Nothing says “I love you” like a mean game of cutthroat. Three players are assigned balls 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15 in this classic twist of a pool game. Your goal is to knock all the other players’ balls into the pockets until you are the last one standing. It’s a great idea to get the whole gang involved! When it comes to reasons your family needs a pool table this summer, creative games that take strategy and skill to get those noggins working are at the top of the list.

3. The Life of the Party

Your bonus room will be the envy of all your friends with a stylish pool table. We’ve all seen that pool ace confidently calling pocket after pocket and thought to ourselves, “That’ll be me one day,” right? With all the practice time you’ll have, you’ll be a true shark at the table. Your skills will be sure to impress the whole party. And when your shooting is up to par, your place will be the gathering point for all the get-togethers and holiday parties. 

4. Recreation for Any Weather

When the scorching summer sun blazes outside and you want to throw on the A/C and lounge around the house, you can stay off the couch with a few friendly games of pool. A billiards table is a great way to keep things fun in any weather — rain or shine. Did a summer thunderstorm move in and rain out your backyard barbecue? Good thing you have a pool table this summer!

What about later in the year when a blizzard knocks the power out? Grab a few candles, your kids, and your cues. There’s no better way to whittle away the time while your digital devices languish off their chargers. A few games of 8-Ball or Baseball Billiards will make those harsh-weather days some of the best family memories of your life.

5. Aesthetic Value

At Juniper, we carry tables from the most exceptional names in billiards. You’ll find these tables are beautifully carved and finely crafted to give your room a luxurious look. Whether your style is antique, modern, or somewhere in between, we have the perfect pool table for you.

Come in today to one of our conveniently located showrooms in central Wisconsin. Browse our wide range of styles and price points and test out the table of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level billiards table for family and friends, or want a regulation-size pool table for the serious player, we have the right table at the right price for you.

We also offer customization options. Whatever style you’re after, we’ll do our very best to match it to your exact desires. Questions? We’re always happy to help. Just give us a call at (888)-997-POOL or contact us here. We look forward to helping provide your family with years of entertainment and memories.

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