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5 of the Best Accessories for Your Billiard Table Room

Whether you brought home a pool table to complete your man cave, game room, or billiards room, you can take your space to the next level by adding accessories! We know that just having a pool table makes that room your favorite room in the house. But, for next-level awesomeness, here are the five best accessories you can add to your billiards table room.

Over-Table Lighting

A nice light feature will look great and set the mood in your space. But, this is one case when function is more important than form. An over-the-table light will properly illuminate the game — vital for making tough shots!

Game Accessories

Certain billiards accessories can either make the game better or are important for caring for your pool supplies.

  • Bridge Stick: You could stand on the tips of your toes and stretch as far as you can across the table, hoping not to nudge another ball. But why would you want to? Just keep a bridge stick handy.
  • Chalk: We all chalk the tip of our pool cue. But have you ever wondered if that rim of chalk truly matters? Actually, it can make a big difference! It increases friction between the cue tip and the cue ball. Alone, the tip of the pool cue is more likely to slip off the ball as you shoot. The chalk makes that slip (called a “miscue”) less likely to happen.
  • Maintenance Accessories: Items like table brushes, dust covers, and under rail brushes will help preserve your billiards cloth.
  • Multiple Racks: We recommend both a triangle rack and a 9-ball rack for the most versatile and fun games around.

Billiards-Themed Art and Decorations

Artwork and decorations will enhance the pool hall theme. Wall art is always fun. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Neon Signs
  • Movie posters from classic billiards-themed movies, like “The Hustler” or “The Color of Money”.
  • Billiards-inspired art. The internet abounds with fun pool artwork — from dogs playing pool, to pool shark-themed pieces, to vintage signs from pubs.


Having all your buddies come over for a few games of pool is a great way to spend a Friday night, in our expert opinion. But, that means you need to make sure you have some seating so the ones who aren’t playing the current game can enjoy relaxing and watching the two who are.

Other Classic Bar Games

Speaking of those friends who are waiting for their turn to play, they’ll appreciate it if you have some other games around to keep them busy. A dartboard takes up no floor space at all!. Or, install an air hockey table or an arcade machine. We also sell ping pong table conversion tops to quickly transform your billiards table into a brand new game! Your friends will want to come over all the time.

Install these accessories and your billiards room is sure to be an amazing place to hang out. Now, only one thing might be standing in your way of the ultimate game room… a pool table! If you don’t yet have a billiards table of your own, let us get you all set up. Check out our top-class tables, or come in and see them in person! We’ve got the best in billiard brands, plus the accessories needed to make your game-play the envy of all your friends. Visit The Pool People today!


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