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ultimate guide to buying and owning a hot tub
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5 Insider Secrets to Buying and Owning a Hot Tub

Are you planning to purchase a hot tub? We are guessing that you wish you had some expert advice. Good news! Juniper is here to help with five incredible insider secrets to buying and owning a hot tub that will guarantee you end up with a hot tub that suits the needs of you and your family. These “secrets” are actually common-sense actions that require you to do a bit of planning and research before taking the big plunge into hot tub ownership. Let’s get started.

1. Find the Best Dealer Before Buying and Owning a Hot Tub

Sure, you can buy a hot tub online or from a big box store. You can buy a hot tub at a trade show. However, buying from those sources comes with a big risk. If you encounter any problems or issues down the road, the person or company that you bought it from may not be around to help you resolve the problem. When buying a hot tub from Juniper and The Pool People, you are making a hot tub purchase that will not end with the finalization of the sale. We will be here to answer your questions, honor your warranty, make any necessary repairs, and provide premier service for the entire 20 years or so that you may own the hot tub. We’ve been in the business for four decades and as we like to say, “We are in it for the long haul.” Finding the best dealer is your number one priority.

2. Do Your Research Before Buying and Owning a Hot Tub

When buying a hot tub, the next most important thing is to do some preliminary research. The first question is what size hot tub to get? You will base that answer on how many people will regularly be using it. Don’t think you have to spring for an 8-person hot tub if just you and your spouse will be the primary users. Juniper carries several brands of hot tubs and can advise you on which brands and models might be the best choice for you depending on your reasons for wanting a spa. If hydrotherapy is your main reason for wanting a hot tub, we can show you models that target the specific areas of the body you want to treat.  

3. Consider the Features You Want Before Buying and Owning a Hot Tub

What else do you want from your hot tub? There are seating options to consider: lounge seating, and/or seating that accommodates people of different heights. Would you like special lighting? A water feature? Do you want a cover lifter? Energy-efficient features are a real plus when deciding upon a hot tub brand. Again, the expert staff at Juniper and The Pool People can suggest brands and models that have all the features you feel are important.

4. Plan Ahead When Buying and Owning a Hot Tub

While supply chain delays are not as lengthy as they were a year or so ago, you still need to plan ahead to get the model of hot tub you finally decide upon. When buying a hot tub, your location will have to be prepared if you need a concrete pad installed or if your decking needs extra support. Will you need any electrical work done before delivery? It is always a good idea to allow yourself plenty of lead time before your hot tub is delivered. 

5. Buying and Owning a Hot Tub: What You Need 

You know that once your fabulous new hot tub is delivered and installed there will be regular maintenance duties to perform as part of owning a hot tub. Getting on a good maintenance schedule is essential for keeping your hot tub in prime condition and having it last. Before buying and owning a hot tub, you will need to stock up on high-quality spa chemicals and other maintenance items such as a water testing kit, a net skimmer, and scrub brushes. Again, the pros at Juniper can recommend all the supplies required to keep your hot tub clean and functioning perfectly for many years to come.

Juniper and The Pool People are the premier hot tub dealers in central and northern Wisconsin. With over 40 years of experience behind us, we feel qualified to share these five insider secrets to buying and owning a hot tub with you. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality hot tub brands, personalized advice before you buy, and continued superior level of care once you make your purchase. Come by and see the folks at Juniper in Appleton and start your hot tub journey!

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