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5 Fun Games You’ve Probably Never Tried on a Pool Table

5 Fun Games You’ve Probably Never Tried on a Pool Table

In the world of billiards, there’s so much more fun to be had than your standard billiards game. Perhaps you are familiar with 8-ball, or you may have played 9-ball, too — the game in which there are just nine balls and the object is to sink them in ascending order. Yet, the world of cue sports goes so much deeper. Here are five fun games you’ve probably never tried on a pool table. They are sure to get the party started!


Cutthroat is perhaps the third most popular billiards game in America. Three people can play this game, and it goes fairly quickly. It’s a great way to get multiple guests or family members involved. The rules are simple: The first player who sinks a ball chooses a set of balls: either 1-5, 6-10, or 11-15. The object of the game is to be the last player with balls left on the table — so game strategy involves a subtle dance of defense and offense. Take cutthroat and many other billiards games to the next level with a Billiard Shaker Bottle from The Pool People. The Shaker Bottle introduces an extra element of randomness into the game by redistributing each player’s balls.


The game of 15-ball is played just like 9-ball, with two key differences. First, the game is played with all 15 balls plus the cue ball. Players must sink the balls in ascending order from 1-15. You can play 15-ball take-all, meaning whichever player sinks the 15-ball wins. Or you can play the game by totalling the score. The second difference between 9-ball and 15-ball is that in 15-ball, the 1-9 balls count as one point and the 10-15 count as two points.

One Pocket

We are entering more skilled territory with One Pocket. Each player must choose a corner pocket at the foot of the table. The object of the game is to score eight balls into your target pocket. You can choose to ratchet up the difficulty by declaring foul and penalizing players who sink balls into non-target pockets. Just take a point off the board each time they commit a foul. But be careful! Each ball only counts as one and if you sink all the balls before anyone reaches a score of eight, everyone loses!


Billiards players have been getting a kick out of this combination game for well over 100 years. It seems everyone has their own specific set of house rules, so feel free to make up your own. Basebilliards is played in nine innings. Each player has nine chances to sink as many balls as possible, and balls are scored according to their face value. If a player sinks all 15 balls before their nine innings are up, rerack and keep shooting. The player with the highest score after nine innings wins!

Bank Pool

Bank Pool ranges from difficult to brutally challenging, depending on how you choose to play. The goal is to sink eight balls, but each ball must be banked off any side of the table before it falls into a pocket. Plus, before your turn, you must call each pocket. Furthermore, your ball cannot touch any other ball on its way to the target pocket or it is a foul. You can choose to ignore fouls and simply forfeit your turn, or, for a real challenge, take a ball out and a point off the board each time a player commits a foul.

With cue games like these, you’ll have days upon days of unending fun. If you are looking for a quality pool table to bring unbeatable entertainment to your life, The Pool People carry the very best in billiard options from brands you can trust like Olhausen, Brunswick, Golden West, Imperial, and more. We also have all the cue sticks, cases, racks, and accessories you need to make your game room into the ultimate pool hall. Get your party started by giving us a call at (715) 359-0474. Or, stop by one of our super-showrooms in Schofield, Stevens Point, and Rhinelander, WI, to see firsthand the incredible options for your home. We have a massive collection of billiards tables on display! Check out over 50 tables on the floor at The Pool People.

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