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5 fantastic ways to use your sauna in the fall
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5 Fantastic Ways to Use Your Sauna in the Fall

As summer heat transitions into the cool crisp days of autumn, using your sauna in the fall is an exquisite indulgence that provides a unique sense of pleasure. As the cool air nips your skin, stepping into the warmth of a sauna provides instant relief and relaxation. The contrast between the brisk outdoor temperatures and the enveloping heat of the sauna in the fall is instant bliss. Fall is the perfect time to explore new ways to enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating space of your home sauna while you embrace the changing weather.  Here are five fantastic ways to use your sauna in the fall. 

1).  Escape the Autumn Chill 

A sauna is the perfect complement to fall activities. Imagine yourself performing your typical fall yard cleanup. You have raked the leaves, scrubbed down the barbecue grill, and put the patio furniture away for the season. Slipping into the sauna in the fall is a blissful contrast to the outside chill and a way to provide comfort to your tired muscles. It is the perfect reward for your hard work, allowing you to relax after your efforts.

Or perhaps you have spent hours at an outdoor sporting event and are chilled to the bone. The welcome respite of your sauna’s warmth permeates your body, thawing away the cold and soothing your senses, leaving you invigorated and ready to move on to other undertakings.  

2).  Soothe Strained Muscles 

Do you participate in fall sports or other activities? If so, you may find yourself with strained or sore muscles after a game of touch football or a long autumn bike ride. Using a sauna in the fall will provide you with much-needed relief. The sauna’s dry heat increases blood circulation, promoting oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles. This enhanced circulation causes reduced inflammation, less pain, and faster muscle recovery. 

3). Fight Dry Skin in Your Sauna in the Fall

Cooler weather often leads to dry skin, making it an ideal time to treat yourself to a hydrating sauna facial. Before entering the sauna, cleanse your face, then slather it with a hydrating masque. The heat of the sauna will open your pores and allow the masque to deeply penetrate and achieve maximum benefits. Rinse off well after your sauna session, and find your skin rejuvenated, rehydrated, and ready to face the changing weather. 

4). Embrace Seasonal Aromatherapy

Enhance your sauna sessions by incorporating autumn-inspired aromas. Why not add a few drops of essential oils such as cinnamon, eucalyptus, clove, or orange to a diffuser? These scents not only provide a sense of warmth but also offer potential health benefits such as improved circulation and reduced stress levels. Breathe in the delightful fragrance and let it evoke all the feelings of cozy autumn ambiance.

5). Create a Sauna Meditation Sanctuary

Along with the change in the weather, fall often brings a transition to a more hectic schedule than you had during the lazy days of summer. With back-to-school activities and the looming holiday preparations, using your sauna in the fall can be a serene oasis for meditation and mindfulness. Dim the lights, play soothing music or nature sounds, and let the sauna’s warmth and solitude help you achieve a more profound sense of relaxation and focus. Take this opportunity to reflect on feelings of gratitude, inner peace, and harmony. 

As autumn brings cooler temperatures and colorful foliage, your sauna can provide a perfect retreat for wellness and relaxation. The fall season offers abundant opportunities for making the most of your sauna experience. We hope these five fantastic ways to use your sauna in the fall will help you embrace the cozy charm of autumn and use your sauna as a sanctuary during this time of transition. 

Are you warming up to the idea of adding a sauna to your home? Juniper has a team of sauna professionals on standby to help you find the perfect traditional or infrared sauna for your autumn pleasure. We’d love to have you stop by our Appleton location and learn more about our Pro 6® and Almost Heaven® saunas.

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