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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Hot Tub This Fall

Is there any nicer place to be than sitting in your hot tub when the weather dips to chilly fall temperatures? We love hot-tubbing year-round, but autumn and hot tubs do especially seem like a match made in heaven! To get the absolute most out of your hot tub this fall, try out these four fun hot tub activities.

Admire the Fall Foliage

If you were awake in 8th grade Biology, you know that it’s chlorophyll that gives leaves their green color. As the days get shorter and less sunlight is available for the leaves to absorb energy, chlorophyll breaks down and the green color disappears. From that scientific definition, you wouldn’t expect the process to be beautiful. But, oh, how beautiful it is! And as nature puts on her stunning display of green leaves shifting to yellow, gold, and red, a warm soak in your hot tub is a great place to see the stunning display.

Catch the Game or Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

Planning to watch the game at home? Watch it while you enjoy a soak in your hot tub! Whether your team is up or down by one, rooting for the Badgers or the Packers is just more fun from the hot tub.

Not game day? Your hot tub is also a great place to catch up on your favorite episodes. A wireless monitor allows you to stream your must-see fall TV shows right to your hot tub television. Or, set up an outdoor projector and screen to watch your favorite movie. There’s nothing better than relaxing in your spa.

Enjoy More Family Time

Does it ever seem like the kids’ school routines make it impossible to get in any quality time throughout the week. Homework, dinner, baths, and getting the kids in bed can eat up most of the evening. Actually, there’s a great way to get in some quality time midweek and it’s right in your backyard — your hot tub! Kids love soaking in a hot tub as much as adults. Enjoying a family soak together can be a great bonding activity. Even if you only have time for a 15-20 minute soak, a regular family hot tub night makes a big difference in how much quality time your family spends together. Use the time to talk about everyone’s day. Or, entertain the kiddos with some games. Rubber duck races are always fun, or (for less splashing!) play a few rounds of a guessing game like 20 Questions.

Throw a Halloween Party

Make some festive food, set out some fall decorations, and tell your guests to bring their swimsuits along with their costume. You can throw a whole party bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, having game booths with candy, and soaking with friends in your hot tub.

Whatever your favorite fall activities, combining them with your hot tub will make them even more awesome. The fact is, autumn in Wisconsin is made for hot-tubbing! You need a spa of your own. Don’t miss out on a single family-bonding, game-watching, stress-relieving moment. The Pool People carry transformational hot tubs from Artesian SpasTM, Four Winds, Strong® Spas and Dream Maker SpasTM. Stop by any of our incredible locations and let us help you find the perfect hot tub for your year-round needs.


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