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4 Ways to Get More Storage Out of Your Utility Shed

If you’re fighting with all the storage boxes in your garage just to get enough space to park your car, a utility shed, any utility shed, seems like an answer to prayer. But now that you’ve got the seasonal decorations into the shed and your car’s actually living in the garage, it’s time to maximize your storage space. Here are a few tricks to get more storage out of your shed. 

Opt for Shelving Units

You’ve probably got a couple of stacks of plastic totes that are filled with decor, memorabilia, and all those things every family needs to hang onto. But if you want to maximize your storage space, get as much as you can off of the floor and onto shelves. The great thing about choosing an Old Hickory® Building is that you can customize your building to fit your needs. This can include adding a shelving unity or a workbench with storage space. But, there are a lot of DIY and inexpensive options, too! Even if you just create a simple set of shelves with 2×4’s, pallets, or old wooden crates, you’ll be glad you have such a tidy, organized way to store your belongings.   

Add Loft Space

If you’ve got high enough ceilings, consider adding a loft to your shed. A loft will multiply your storage space, plus it’s ideal for seldom-used equipment. Why keep your skis or Christmas tree cluttering up your in-demand space when you won’t need them until December?

Corral the Bits and Pieces

Nothing makes your utility shed seem messier than a hodgepodge of tools or a jumble of nuts and nails to sort through. Whether you buy matching storage jars from the hardware store, or you reuse every glass jar that makes its way through your house, corralling the odds and ends is vital. Be sure to find nice ways to organize your storage jars, too. Glue the jar lids to the underside of a high shelf for hanging jar organizers. Use racks on your shelves to stack jars. You get the idea. 

Get Creative

An organized shed translates to having more available storage space, so make sure there’s a designated spot for everything. You can’t go wrong with a pegboard for many types of tools and equipment. But also, a magnetic bar attached to the wall is great for keeping saws, hammers, and metal scrapers in reach. Or, how about using long nails or hangers on the ends of shelves or on an overhanging wooden beam so you can store looped cords and rope? Simple and inexpensive, but effective!

Above all, when it comes to getting the most out of your shed, that old adage rings true, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” If you organize your space to fit your tools and belongings, it will be easier to fit more in the space, as well as to put everything away. 

Need a storage shed of your own? Stop by our Rhinelander or Schofield store to see our in-stock Old Hickory Buildings. Or, contact us to order a utility shed to your specifications. It will be amazing for you to have a dedicated space for all your things.

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