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4 Things to Consider When Shopping for an Above-Ground Pool

4 Things to Consider When Shopping for an Above-Ground Pool

A gorgeous pool outside your back door is no longer a lofty dream that’s out of reach. Above-ground pools provide a way for families to explore the endless fun of a pool with complete convenience and affordability. While there are a lot of decisions and planning involved, The Pool People are here to help guide you to the blissful reality of backyard fun. When you’re done researching, we have more than 50 pools in stock and ready for delivery IMMEDIATELY!

1. Location, Location, Location!

One of the first things you need to take into consideration is pool placement. You’ll need to keep your swimming pool away from growing trees, to prevent root growth from damaging your pool. Some municipalities also have laws about how close a pool can be to structures, such as fences, houses, and utility structures. Whether you have flat ground or sloped land, installation is relatively easy, once the ground is leveled. This can be done by filling in the sloped area and supporting it with a retaining wall, or by excavating the side of the slope to install the pool partially in-ground. However, you have to choose a model that’s sturdy enough for partial in-ground installation. Additionally, any landscaping or structures need to be removed from the area, as well as the grass. Then the area is ready for sand and your pool’s foundation. In most cases, if you are a DIY type of person, you and a few buddies can get the space install-ready pretty quickly. Never try to guesstimate the area where you are going to install your above-ground pool. Measure carefully. Twice. If The Pool People don’t have the perfect size and style pool in our current inventory, we can order it for you!

2. More Than a Pool: Create an Outdoor Living Environment

Would you like a deck installed around your pool or an existing deck or patio modified to serve as a surround for your new pool? Think about how the entire area will look and function, not just the pool. Consider the role of chairs, tables, and pool accessories to create a complete outdoor living space that your family and friends can enjoy from the first sweet warmth of spring through the first nips of fall. If budget is a factor, leave room in your pool environment to add on more features later. Think of elements you might enjoy, like a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or groupings of furniture to create spaces for eating, reading, socializing, or just keeping a close eye on the kids while you relax. The Pool People carry everything from water toys and games to outdoor furniture and fire pits to create a stylish, cozy outdoor living space you’ll enjoy for years.

3. No More Goodbye Tears

Above-ground pools have the benefit of portability for families that may move frequently–or even those families who are planning a future relocation. There is nothing joyful about having to move and leave a pool in the rear-view mirror. So no more tears! If you believe a move is in your future over the next few years, plan your pool surround carefully. Be sure it’s constructed in such a way that it won’t damage the pool’s structure when removed. For example, it’s harder to relocate an on-ground or semi-inground pool than one that’s installed completely above-ground. Don’t worry too much about the liner, though, as those always need replacing when the pool is moved. The Pool People can get you a great deal on that new liner, so don’t fret!

4. Marvelous Materials 

Today’s above-ground pools are made with durable, long-lasting materials that will stand up to the very best in family fun. There are three options for today’s above-ground pool materials: steel, resin, and hybrid (steel and resin combination). An inexpensive, tried-and-true material is steel, which is a great option when you’re on a budget. Though steel pools don’t tend to last as long, you can get many years out of a quality steel above-ground pool by practicing good maintenance habits and regularly using a pool cover.

Resin is pricier at purchase, but families get more longevity out of these pools. This makes resin above-ground pools an excellent choice for those with younger kids and grandkids who need a pool to last a decade or two. Resin does not retain heat from the sun, so no ouchies!

If you want to save a little money, but also get the corrosion-resistance, durability, and more comfortable feel of resin, a hybrid is ideal. Hybrid above-ground pools are a mix of steel and resin. The resin is used on parts that typically are exposed to water and sun, while the steel gives the pool added strength. As far as durability, today’s above-ground beauties have come a long way since the pop-up pools of the 1970s. The structure of a quality pool can last up to 25 years. Occasionally, you’ll hear of a well-cared-for hybrid above-ground pool lasting even longer (though the liner needs replacing every so often).

The Pool People carry Radiant™, Cornelius® and Doughboy® pools, including the affordable Embassy line by Doughboy, to offer the perfect above-ground pool options for you. We know you’ll find the pool that will bring life and fun to every backyard occasion. And with our free water testing, your pool ownership couldn’t be easier. Just bring in a water sample and we will hook you up with everything you need for the clearest, most beautiful water you can imagine. So, don’t delay! Check out our website to see the above-ground models available or come visit one of our three locations to find the perfect pool for you and your family. You are sure to love life with an above-ground pool from The Pool People. We’re conveniently located in Schofield/Wausau, Stevens Point, and Rhinelander.

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