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4 Stunning Backyard Patio Trends That Are in Style for 2023

You’ve probably heard that spending more time outside is beneficial to both your physical and mental health. The past 3 years have found the majority of us spending more time at home both for work and for play. The bottom line is that by spending more time in our backyards, we have come to expect more from that space. Having a functional and aesthetically pleasing backyard is now a top priority among homeowners. If you feel that your backyard space is not living up to its potential, we have some ideas for you. Juniper would like to share 4 stunning backyard patio trends that are in style for 2023.

1) The Backyard Patio As a Multi-Functional Space

One thing homeowners are demanding from their backyard patios is that they are multi-functional spaces. We want to relax, work, cook, dine, and play in our outdoor living areas. The backyard patio is no longer just the place where we send the kids out to play. We want to create a place where the entire family actually wants to hang out and perform multiple activities.

  • The outdoor kitchen. Being able to cook and dine outside is relaxing and creates a perfect place for socialization. Enjoy all the convenience of an indoor kitchen in the fresh air of your backyard. It makes for a natural gathering place. 
  • The outdoor living room. Having a spot to escape and relax in comfort is priceless. When you furnish your outdoor living room with comfortable cushioned furniture and tables for drinks or reading materials, you create a haven that will be irresistible to all. Add a fireplace or fire table and take things to the next level.
  • A hot tub retreat. A private area for hot tub retreats is a wonderful addition to your multi-functional outdoor space. It makes a great location for the family to reconnect or a spot to get away from the hustle and bustle on your own.

2) The Backyard Patio is an Indoor/Outdoor Merge

More homeowners want to merge their inside living area and their outside living space. New home builds increasingly have sliding glass doors that open the interior of their homes directly to their outdoor living area.

If one’s climate allows, this seamless transition from the interior to the exterior living spaces is comfortable and inviting. If the climate doesn’t cooperate, due to temperature, weather, or insects, the effect can still be achieved by large windows featuring a view of the outside living area or by opening up to a screened outdoor area. Maintaining a cohesive style from inside to outside is important for an easy visual flow. 

3) Create More Usable Space in the Backyard

If your backyard has uneven terrain or is visually challenging, much can be done to improve functionality through landscaping. Also, adding decking, multiple levels, or additional patio space creates those needed areas for relaxing, dining, or recreation. If your backyard is uninviting or unusable, this can be changed by adding creative plantings or hardscape. 

4) Lighting and Other Amenities for the Backyard Patio

To make the most of your outside living space the addition of a few other amenities could make the area more functional. 

  • Lighting. Exterior lighting can add a dramatic visual effect to your outside space when focused on landscaping or architectural features. However, lighting also provides a functional purpose to make your space more usable no matter what the time of day. Use patio lighting such as overhead chandeliers or wall sconces to create an atmosphere but also provide practical illumination. Hanging small lights around an outdoor seating or dining area helps define the space and makes it look more inviting.
  • Shade. Solid patio covers or retractable awnings provide protection from the sun and unwanted glare. A shaded area is more comfortable and lends itself to more functional outdoor use.
  • Rugs. Using outdoor rugs defines various living space areas and creates a room-like feeling.
  • Wi-Fi extenders. Adding Wi-Fi extenders to your outdoor space enables you to work remotely in the beauty and comfort of your backyard patio. You can also add audio speakers that connect with your indoor sound system to allow you to enjoy music in your outdoor living space.

Are you looking to transform your backyard patio this year? Juniper is your number one resource for all your outdoor living needs. We have a large selection of outdoor furniture to choose from, as well as fire tables, grills, and hot tubs. We have mentioned 4 stunning backyard patio trends that are in style for 2023 and would love to help you achieve some or all of them. Stop by our Appleton location and see what we have to offer in our showroom or by special order. 

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