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reasons to be thankful for your pool
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4 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Pool

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s time more than ever to be grateful for all the positive things in our lives. In this season of thankfulness, don’t take your pool for granted. When you’re counting your blessings, make sure to remember all that your swimming pool does for you. These are four of the reasons to be thankful for your pool today.

Your Pool Contributes to Your Health

Whether you use your pool primarily for relaxing, playing, or exercising, your pool helps support your physical and mental health. You can conveniently swim on any day at any time when you own your own pool. This allows you to fit your pool time into your busy schedule, and with no commute time your swim time can be extended. Spending some quality time in your pool alone or with your family and friends is good for the soul. Swimming and floating in the water is fantastic for fitness and also for releasing tension in the body. In addition, exercise and relaxation are essential for the maintenance of your mental health. When you spend time in your pool, your overall health and attitude improve dramatically. You can be grateful for the impact your pool has on your total well being!

Your Pool Enhances Your Social Life

Having a pool is like a magnet for social gatherings — especially if you have a Doughboy, Radiant, Embassy or Cornelius pool from Juniper. In Wisconsin, it makes your home incredibly special. Think back to the pool parties you were able to have this summer. And think of the fun your family and friends had enjoying your pool when they visited. Of course everyone wants to hang out at your place because they like you… but owning a pool never hurts, right?

Your Pool Brings Joy to You and Others

When you get into your pool for a swim, doesn’t it make you feel like a kid again? The kids have such a good time splashing and playing in the pool. And so do you! There’s nothing like that carefree feeling of jumping in and letting the water bring you back to your childhood. Your pool is a place of relaxing solitude, and also a place for joyful community. 

Your Pool Allows You to Teach the Kids to Swim at Home

Having your own swimming pool provides a safe and convenient environment to help the kids in your life learn to swim. You can give them swimming lessons in a private and safe place — your own backyard. They are able to learn and practice at your home, which is great for raising children who are strong swimmers. Not only do they love using the pool, but the swimming skills they gain will help keep them safe in the future.

Don’t have a pool of your own yet? At Juniper, we have the best selection of pools for all your seasonal fun. This time next year, you can be thankful that you made a dive into the wonderful world of pool ownership. Make Juniper your go-to for the highest quality pools and supplies, plus the best service in the area. Visit our store in Appleton, Wisconsin, to see all that we have to offer. Happy Thanksgiving from Juniper!

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