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4 Grill Recipes You Need To Try This Christmas

Are you ready to make use of your grill this holiday season? Take your cooking outside and be amazed at the fabulous dishes you can create. Typically we think of using our grill for the star of the show:  the entrée. And it is unparalleled for that. However, we are going to urge you to think outside the box this year and make use of your grill for appetizers, side dishes, and desserts! It might be a challenge to cook all these dishes simultaneously on your grill, but you absolutely need to give each of them a try at some point during the holidays. These recipes all come from the Kamado Joe® channel on YouTube. Links will be provided. Here are 4 grill recipes you need to try this Christmas.

Whet the Appetite

The whole point of an appetizer is to stimulate the appetite and make your guests ravenous for the meal to come.  Serve this show-stopping Baked Brie appetizer to your guests, and we promise they will be begging for more. Chef Eric of Kamado Joe says you will use your cast iron skillet to make this on your grill. Your basic ingredients are a wheel of brie cheese, puff pastry, and blackberries. Check out the video for complete instructions. You will top the round of brie with berries, wrap it in puff pastry, and bake on the grill. It could not be easier, and the results are spectacular. Serve with baguette slices.

The Main Event

If you want to please your crowd this Christmas, your plans probably include a prime rib roast. Chef John Setzler of Kamado Joe gives easy-to-understand instructions for a Perfect Prime Rib Roast on the grill with simple seasonings. He recommends planning ahead to have the roast rest for 24 hours in the fridge after you have rubbed it with dry savory seasonings. Before grilling, he has you add a “wet rub” of more seasonings moistened with olive oil. The roast gets cooked low and slow, and is so fantastic, your family will still be raving about it come Easter.

On the Side

You barely need a proper recipe to make the next terrific side dish on the grill. However, Chef Eric of Kamado Joe has a Grilled Vegetables 101 video that shows you how to do it a little “extra”. If you like, he has a Miso Ginger glaze you might add to put this dish over the top in terms of flavor. Watch out though — your family will be requesting these every time you grill.

Grilled vegetables could not be simpler. Just slice your zucchini once lengthwise, cut large pieces of red pepper, and cut your onion into quarters. You want big pieces that won’t fall through the grill. A grill basket is also a great idea. Season your vegetables with salt and pepper and drizzle with a bit of olive oil. With your grill on very high heat, put the veggies on the grill. Turn once to get beautiful grill marks on both sides. 

The Grand Finale

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a delicious dessert. Dessert on the grill? You bet. How about the Kamado Joe version of Cast Iron Pan Apple Pie? Fire up the grill and get out your cast iron skillet. For this delicious dessert, you will need two pre-made pie crusts, some granny smith apples, and a few pantry basics. Take a look at Chef John’s YouTube video for the simple instructions. “Easy as pie” was never a truer expression.

The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and share festive meals. You might think about using your grill this Christmas, and for more than just the main entrée. You can definitely cook your main dish on the grill, but consider switching things up this year. Your main attraction could roast in the oven in the house, while an appetizer, side, or dessert is on the grill. It could save on oven space and also introduce you to some new flavors and techniques. These are 4 grill recipes you need to try this Christmas!

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